4 tips to help your first venture after college

Keep it simple. Have patience. And perseverance is the key. Any business takes time to kickstart in the way you had imagined it. Follow these simple tips and they will lead you to success. For any new venture, it takes time to grow.
    College graduates love the idea of starting their own business just after college. But that may not be the best deal for them after all. For instance, sometimes it’s just the kick of having something of your own that leads you to the decision. But you’ve got to be clear on why you are starting something new and will be able to sustain it in the long run?  Some of these tips will help you take the big step. What is the purpose of starting it?   You must know why you are starting a venture in the first place. For instance, when Kunzum travel cafe started off, the concept was simple—come, connect, have chai, and leave whatever money you want. Of course, the travel courses and trips came in much later but the central theme remained the same. This is why it came so far. We all have different reasons for opening a business. tip to venture after collage   What are you trying to sell? Target audience? The idea is simple. Are you trying to sell a concept or is it a product you want people to buy. Many young entrepreneurs want begin without knowing really they are going to sell their product or service to and what is it that they are trying to sell. For instance, Happily Unmarried doesn’t sell only products, they sell innovation and creativity with fun. Know all about it   When you are taking up a business, just make sure there are no loose ends. You must know every bit of it. Having studied business management has nothing to do with the practical knowledge and understanding of the business. Degree shows you the way, but there’s a long way to  go. Be realistic Don’t go too far with profits when you have just started. This will only pull you down. If you look at some of the best ventures that have happened in the past, they didn’t really climb the success ladder in a day. When Fab Furnish had started, people hardly took the plunge to buy furniture online. But the brand changed it all within a few years.  

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