Electronics & Communication Engineering as a career

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There are a whole lot of fields of work one can opt for as an Electronics and Communication engineer. It is a growing field and the most popular choice among engineering aspirants. with this article let us see Electronics & Communication Engineering as a career option 

The electronics sector in India is one of the fastest growing fields and is projected to become a $29 billion industry by 2020. This is why it is the most popular field of specialization among engineering aspirants.

career in Electronics & Communication Engineering


These engineers work to develop integrated circuits, transistors and printed circuit boards that are used in electronic devices such as computers, MP3 players, Television and set-top boxes among various other devices. They direct and control the processes to ensure proper functioning of devices.

Developing new systems, circuits and devices are the basic tasks of an ECE. Basically, this branch of engineering is often combined with civil and structural as the work is quite overlapping in nature


Where to study:

A PCM student needs to sit for an engineering entrance exam, such as JEE, BITSAT and VITEEE, depending on the institute they want to enter. The branch is allocated based on a student’s rank.

Some of the top colleges offering Electronics and communications engineering are Indian Institute of Technology in various cities, Manipal Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani (BITS), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Delhi Technological University among others.

Job opportunities:

As said above, Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the most preferred options by engineering students as it has vast scope and various kinds of job openings.

So after obtaining a BE or B.Tech degree, one can either choose to do M.Tech or MS in particular subjects such as Microelectronics, RF & Microwaves, Telecommunication systems etc.

You can also choose to directly go on job and apply in the electronic and communication industry. IT, power transmission companies, computer application, telecom, aviation, electronic media also pick up EC engineers for their day-to-day operations.

Electronics and communications engineers have a huge demand, thanks to the ever-growing technology and the need for skilled people to handle it. It is a good bet to become an Electronics and communications engineer.


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