Building a career in nuclear engineering

Are you Building a career in nuclear engineering but don’t know where to begin? Here’s everything you need to know on how to develop your skills for a future in nuclear fusion or fission as an engineer.
nuclear engineering science Nuclear engineers are a boon to mankind. They keep a close eye on radioactivity and reactions caused by harmful chemical disposal either by corporates or by individuals or even atom bombs created by not so friendly countries. Remember the scene from the movie ‘Aliens’, wherein people gear in white jumpsuit and jump into a radioactive zone, yet nothing happens to them in the name of a world saving research or even the award winning series ‘Breaking Bad’ where Professor White makes meth wearing a yellow radio-proof jumpsuit. Well, we aren’t encouraging you to be a meth dealer or an alien hunter but the fancy of perusing a cool career of a nuclear engineer will help you discover new heights not just in science but also literally help save the world. So how does one fulfil this wish to be an engineer, read below?   Course: For an engineering degree, one needs to have a basic qualification of 12th Grade Pass with at least a first class. For here, you can opt for a nuclear engineering degree with physics and maths are your main subject. Post which, thankfully the last stage, apply for a GATE test and if you go through, one more year in nuclear engineering as a specialization subject. Prospects: So what next after studying for ages, you ask? You can apply for construction firms, national laboratories, government waste management and if you are aiming a bit higher, you can apply for a government secret service agency post years of experience and a great word of mouth about your outstanding skills by your fellow colleagues. Packages: On an average, a nuclear engineers starting package is around Rs.40k a month, as a fresher or a minimum of 1-year experience. Don’t get disappointed here, a few high end corporates also throw in a car, apartment and food allowances. Though becoming a nuclear engineer is not an easy task, once you have achieved the degree your career is set for a lifetime and there is no turning back from becoming cooler than the whole wide world.

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