The Job profile of an IAS officer

Becoming an IAS officer not only brings power and prestige, but also all sorts of responsibilities and tasks. They range from policy making to implementation, law & order to development. But what is life as an IAS officer?

The Job profile of an IAS officer

Now that you have decided to become an IAS officer, be ready for some hard work. But sailing in this boat is not all about power, prestige and pride. The job of an IAS officer warrants tough work, responsibilities and obviously, shifting out of your home. So before you decide to embark on this journey, know what you are getting yourself into.


  1. People-friendly job: The primary job of an IAS officer involves working with the people of his area. If you are not a people-friendly person, IAS is not for you. But if you get satisfaction from working for the good of the public, IAS will prove to be a highly-satisfying career.
  2. Variety: You are not restricted to any one field as the job includes working in finance, public administration, law and order and more. The monotony never sets in for an IAS officer.
  3. Misconception: Contrary to what many people think, IAS officers are not forced to act according to the ministers. The initial years of service are all about taking decisions for the welfare of the people of your area. Working with ministers comes much later in the job.
  4. Growth: As an IAS officer continuously works on policy making procedures and is involve with all kinds of decision making, he keeps growing mentally as well as intellectually.
  5. Personal life: Barring a few tough times, an IAS officer gets to take time off for his family and other leisure activities. However, the place where you are posted also makes a difference.

So life as an IAS officer is fun, thrilling yet mentally boggling and draining. Working with people and not just machines, like many other jobs, keeps you lively and active. Plus, the various disciplines one gets to work on makes it all the more interesting. If you see yourself fit into the job perfectly, go fill up the form for Civil Services.

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