Things we did to have fun instead of going to college

College was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of our lives (unless of course you were in engineering college, then college would be nothing less than hell). And although we told our parents we were going to college, in reality we were doing something completely different. Whether it was watching a film or going to crash at your best friend’s house, all of us did some amazing things when we bunked college. Here is a list of all the awesome things we did instead of going to college Watched Movies fun instead of going to collegeI don’t think there is a single person who did not bunk college to go watch a movie. Didn’t matter whether you had morning college or afternoon, going for a movie was always a better option than attending a lecture and even better if you have a partner in crime to do it! Go shopping with your bestie fun instead of going to collegeWhat better than to bunk college and go shop! You and your bestie would always be up for a shopping spree, especially if it meant missing out on college. All those superb street shops were always tempting you on the way to college. Most of us decided to skip college and shop till we died! Hookah Parties Hookah has always been one of the most popular trend amongst college students. Say Yes! If you bunked college and spent the entire day smoking your favourite flavour of hookah. Be it at a parlour or at a friends terrace, hookah parties were always a bang. And of course how can you forget some superb music. Good Morning Drinks Yup! I can already see all the party animals shaking their heads. All of us have a friend who calls us at 6 am and asks if we want to drink. If you don’t have a friend like that, you probably are that friend. Morning college was always a drag and some early morning shots made you feel super high and happy! Sleeeeeeppppp! Now this was undoubtedly the MOST fun to do instead of attending college, especially if you had morning college. It seems like after we quit school no amount of sleep was ever enough. Dozing off into a sweet slumber felt so heavenly. You didn’t care about your phone, college or anything that disturbed you. For some reason, that sleep seemed sweeter than any. Long drives Have you ever had those days where its pouring cats and dogs and you are supposed to reach college for a 7 am lecture but instead you pile up in one of your friend’s car (whoever has a car) and drive away to some peaceful place. Enjoying the beautiful scenery, stopping at places for chai and in general just soaking in the fun. Of course we didn’t do long drives during the rains, actually the whether never really mattered. All that mattered were your friends! College days were indeed precious and we will cherish them for the rest of our lives no matter how old we grow, no matter how successful we are or where we are in the world. Read Next – 5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Dropped Out Of College and Made It Big

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