Amazing Places You Can Travel On Your Pocket Money

Travelling is always a liberating experience. But you can only travel when you have the time. And the only time you have the time is during college. Well, you may have the time but you don’t necessarily have the money to spend on a trip, unless of course your parents are super rich, in that case you are sorted! But for those of you are still in college, here is a list of places you can visit on a budget. Most of them are off beat locations surrounded by scenic beauty.

Places to travel on your Pocket Money


Gokarna is a piece of paradise made up of five gorgeous beaches. Three hours away from Goa, this island is full of adventurous mountains and balmy beaches. You can easily get a shack for 500 bucks with a attached bathroom and one for Rs.200 without a bathroom (in case you are going for a super hippie trip this room is for you). Apart from mesmerizing scenery you can also meet a large number of firangs that come to Om beach from all over the world. The locals will also help you locate the dolphins who jump out with joy every few hours a day.

Dharamshala & McLeodGanj

Located in the great Himalayas, Dharamshala & McLeodganj are amazing places to visit. You can go visit the Dalai Lama’s Temple and see house from a distance. This place is mini-Tibet with momo sellers on every corner and friendly Himachalis who are always extend a helping hand. During peak seasons you can rent a room for Rs. 1000 a night and off season it’s just Rs.300. Triund is one of most highest points you can visit and trek the whole way up to the peak.

HampiPocket Money
Apart from being named as a heritage site by UNESCO, this place is full of beautiful temples, forts and dams. River Tungabhadra flows through Hampi and offers one the best swims of your life. The locals are great and. You can rent a room at Rs.300-Rs.1500 depending on your budget. 4 people can eat a three course meal at just Rs.1000, now that’s a great deal! Apart from Indian you can choose from various kinds of continental dishes.


Lonavala is the best place to visit during rains. Surrounded by hills this place offers a variety of things to do. From trekking to soaking under the waterfall, you can do it all. You can easily book a room between 200-400 per night and with a group of friends this hardly seems a lot. This place is great for a long weekend. It’s close from Mumbai and from Pune. You can either take a bus there or drive up to the epic hill station.

Now that you have all the information about budget friendly places to visit, go ahead and starting making plans. College is the only time you have to travel everywhere you ever wanted to travel. No responsibilities, no work and best the best part is you have all your friend with you! Enjoy the awesome days till they last.

Tell us all the places you have travelled on your pocket money

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