Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Risks Of Artificial Intelligence

From Siri, Alexa, to Tesla self-driven cars, Artificial Intelligence is slowly but steadily covering the world. It sounds extremely interesting when you talk about self driven-cars or voice controllable speakers. But, the risks associated with using artificial intelligence gadgets are quite a few. It is true that smart computers that uses AI are increasingly becoming popular. But, you cannot simply ignore the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

As far as research goes, the world of AI is supposed to expand further. But, unless & until we learn how to prepare for, and avoid, the probable risks of AI, it holds the power to even become the worst event in the history of digital revolution. Let us talk about some of the potential risks of Artificial Intelligence.

What are the Risks of AI?

Intelligence developed by humans for humans, powering computers to process data and work on their own is although a great technology, but it has its adverse effects. In the long term, the question that remains is what are the potential risks of AI. A machine or a computer, becoming better than humans in cognitive tasks, is of course, not a good thing for a long time.

Automation in Jobs

Job automation is one of the strongest concerns of AI. The concern is no longer that if AI will replace particular jobs, but the question is how much will it replace. In many industries, particularly those whose workers perform predictable and repetitive tasks, Artificial Intelligence has already disrupted the system. According to studies, 30 million people work in jobs with high exposure to automation. This, in turn, means that as long as at least 65 percent of their tasks will be done using AI. These tasks may range from retail sales and market analysis to hospitality and warehouse labor.

As AI systems become smarter, the same tasks will require fewer humans than before. Although it’s true that AI will create new jobs, most of it will be inaccessible to less educationally advance members of the workforce. To conclude, job automation is a huge risk of Artificial Intelligence in modern times.

Privacy & Security

Risks of Artificial Intelligence include the chance to threaten digital security, physical security, and even political security. Privacy concerns are cropping up as more and more companies are feeding vast amounts of data to algorithm driven AI.

Just as with the internet, we sacrifice a lot of our digital data, Artificial Intelligence also poses risks to privacy and security. AI gives rise to almost real seeming social media characters that are actually difficult to distinguish from real ones.


Till a few years back, voice recordings could easily be mimicked by voice artists. Photoshop and or morphing pictures so that it gives almost flawless results, was also common. However, the new trend of Artificial Intelligence technology can now manipulate videos as well. There are instances of faking videos using the power of AI. Hence, creating a fake video is one the most popular risks of Artificial Intelligence.

Risks of AI

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