Applications Of Computer Vision!

Application Of Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a field that shows us how the devices have a high-level understanding of digital images or videos.
In other words, it is a simple way to make a task very easy which a normal human vision can do.
This process is dealing with the theory behind systems therefore it tries to take info from images.
The image data takes many forms like views from cameras or medical devices.
Computer Vision is used to understand the digital images and videos in the places.
Therefore, it is a field that teaches computers to copy the human vision system. So the devices are able to see and process objects in images and also the videos.
There are many applications of Computer Vision!

List of Applications

Image Segmentation

This is a process of splitting an image based on pixels in an image.
Generally for examining purposes, it involves separating the front from the back part.
And also they examine different images parts, but it depends on similarity in color or shape!
This is the first application of computer vision.

Image Segmentation Application
Image Segmentation Application

Facial Recognition

This helps us look at an object or human face in the image.
It is one of the important applications of computer vision because of a variety of human faces. However, also the difference in camera quality.
However, people use it widely.
We use it for user protection.

Face Recognition Application
Face Recognition Application

Object Detection

This is a field of computer vision that deals with the detection of one or many objects in an image or a video!
For instance, cameras smartly detect humans.

Image Classification

This involves classifying an image depending upon the visual content present in it.
The process includes working on the relationship.
The system contains patterns.
For instance, they are compared with the same object to classify what it is.
It has many uses.

Classification And Object Detection
Classification And Object Detection: Application of computer vision

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