What are Certifications?


Certifications are a formal label or credential of attributes earned by an individual, object, etc. Talking in an individual context, it proves that the person possesses certain skills and knowledge. This is usually given by an external entity particularly an organization or a company.

The most important reason to go for certification is that it helps to stay ahead of the bell curve of competitors. These affirmations tell your boss that you’re qualified and serious. It can assist you in getting a decent line of work. Also, it helps to advance your career and add steadiness to your long term career.

Having no or little practical application ideas because of increasing numbers of students who have Science streams have reduced the quality of successful engineers as more stress is given on theoretical knowledge. A person will earn the certification upon successful completion of the training and its objectives. This provides practical exposure before venturing out for the activity into the corporate world.

A certification from a reputed organization or brand helps in recognition locally but globally as well, as they are accepted worldwide. Not only it adds depth to the resume but it showcases the area you’re strong in.

Certifications can be of various sorts.

One online, which requires you to work at your own pace. Thus, giving students the freedom to work whenever they want and pass the exam.

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Another offline, which comprises of a well-defined schedule of classroom training. Here, the student needs to attend the classes as well as pass the exam.

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Certifications provided by What After College (WAC)


The HPE Education Services program is a world-class certification program that is a standard around the globe to guarantee approval of the specialized and deals capabilities. This includes the expertise needed to plan, deploy, support, and service HP technology and solutions.

Microsoft Technology Associate

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level qualification that approves essential innovation abilities and information among students and job seekers who are seeking a career in technology. MTA test addresses ideas that are intended to survey and approve center specialized ideas in three essential areas: Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

EC Council Associate Certification

With data explosion and ever-increasing amount of data, there arises the need for Information security analysts. Their role is to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or accessing insecure networks. EC Council offers globally-recognized cybersecurity certification