Why Study In The UK?


The United Kingdom is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is a country in northwestern Europe. England is also known for centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge. So, it is a good option to study in the UK

The United Kingdom having a license in serving education and status of dominance in the world of learning. It’s testing and standard driven institutions are unmatched in a different variety of subjects including Engineering, Law, Economics, and Business. The knowledge foundation of UK University Departments, Research Centres, and Faculty is of the best quality that must be tapped into by those desire to be future leaders in the industry.

The UK has assigned sufficient assets and investment to institute the education powerhouse it is today. With some of the earliest and respected universities in the UK, the education initiations have always attracted the brightest of students presenting a wonderful networking opportunity to work together in a truly global marketplace.

The various range of courses provided by UK universities has followed in the UK is the 6th highest ranked study place in the world. Moreover, 4 of the Top 6 Universities in the World are in the UK. Due to these reasons, thousands of students are choosing to study abroad in the UK.

Cost of Studying in The UK

If you are looking for studying in the UK, it is necessary that you know about the education costs there. The cost of higher education in the UK is relative high. let’s have a look at the UK education costs below to get an idea.

Tuition Fee: GBP £

  • For Undergraduate: £11, 400 per annum
  • Postgraduate: £12, 200 per annum
  • For Doctoral Degree: £13, 000 per annum

Living Expenses: GBP £

  • London: £9,180 per annum (minimum)
  • Rest of UK: £7,380 per annum (minimum)