SSC JE Preparation Tips

SSC JE Preparation: 2019: General Tips

Some general SSC JE preparation tips are as under:

  1. Know The Syllabus: Go through the SSC JE Syllabus and SSC Exam Pattern thoroughly. Segregate the topics according to the difficulty level.
  2. Create A Realistic Time Table: Prepare a realistic timetable and follow it strictly. But also be open towards modifying the timetable when required. Allocate more time to difficult topics.
  3. Develop Reading Habits: Allocate some time every day to read newspapers, current affairs magazines, and various books for engineering subjects. Keep yourself updated with all important events and issues of the last six months.
  4. Clear Your Basics: Read the theory behind every concept and have your basics clear for every concept.
  5. Make Notes: Try to make your own notes which will help you to revise quickly. If not possible try to highlight the key points.
  6. Memorize Formulas: All the formulas should be at your fingertips. Practice them regularly so that you do not forget them.
  7. Go Through Example Problems: Going through example problems will help you understand the steps to solve problems.
  8. Go Through Previous Year Papers: Go through the previous year question papers and check the weightage of different topics, type of questions asked and their difficulty level. Master the topics having higher weightage. Take at least past 5-10 years of question papers and solve them.
  9. Solve Sufficient Practice Questions: You must practice diligently and be in a position to answer any type of questions asked from any topic.
  10. Take Mock Tests: Taking SSC JE mock tests will help you get a clear idea about where you are standing and where you need to improve. You will also get used to the pressure of taking the exam.
  11. Improve Your Test-Taking Skills: Scoring well also depends upon how wisely you select the questions to answer and how efficiently you use your time. Make sure to improve your overall test-taking skills and develop a smart strategy to take the exam.

SSC JE Preparation Tips: Subject Wise

SSC JE Preparation – General Intelligence: In this section, the questions will be based on logical reasoning topics like data sufficiency, linear and circular arrangement, direction and distances, number-based analogies, etc.

  1. Refer to previous year papers and prepare for this section. This will help you to know the types of questions asked and the difficulty level of the questions.
  2. Go through the solved papers and understand the logic thoroughly. Practice different types of questions with varying difficulty levels.

SSC JE Preparation – General Awareness: In this section, you need to be up-to-date regarding the current events.

  1. Read newspapers and follows daily news and current affairs. Make sure you don’t spend too much time, rather fix time on a regular basis.
  2. The syllabus is very large thus, refer the previous year paper and prepare accordingly.
  3. Just being aware of the day-to-day news will also be good.
  4. Take online quizzes regularly.

SSC JE Preparation – General Engineering (Civil/ Structural or Electrical or Mechanical): This section is different for different engineering streams. In-depth, core engineering knowledge is very much required. The candidate must be very clear with the basics and must have good analytical and problem-solving skills.

  1. Part of the questions will be based on theoretical concepts and once you are good with your concepts you can very easily answer such questions.
  2. In order to solve numerical problems, you need to be good with theoretical knowledge, application,  formulae, and problem-solving skills.
  3. Practice in a time-bound manner and get exposed to various types of problems. Refer to example problems at your initial stage of preparation.
  4. You will come across more theory-based questions when compared to numerical based. Thus, first, try to solve the theory-based questions as it will take lesser time because you either know the answer or don’t know.