Top 6: Challenges in Robotics

challenges in robotics

If you ever have an interest or interested in the field of robotics then you must read this article till the end. We have curated the list of top challenges in the robotics field.

challenges in robotics
Challenges in robotics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one the biggest challenge in robotics in the future which requires continuous development. Robots are already using pattern recognition to recognize the object. However, while these fulfill one narrow aspect of intelligence, there is still a long way to go to replicate and exceed all the types of intelligence we see in humans and other animals.

Medical robotics

Robotics will have the biggest impact on the medical field in the recent future. It will focus on improving health care and reducing costs. Today robotics is more focussed on enhancing the skills of a surgeon, where input is provided by a surgeon, which is carried out more precisely by the robot than is possible by any human hand.

Also, robots are being developed that would be used for monitoring the patients for a long time, which would be difficult for a single person to do. Additionally, they would need to detect and respond autonomously to all possible failures within the device itself. So these are some challenges in robotics regarding the medical domain.

Robots Ethics And Security

Today the biggest challenges in robotics, are barriers regarding regulations, ethics, and various legal barriers for the use of robots that can work on their own (autonomous robots).

In general, there are 5 problems related to ethics and security:

  • Devaluing human skills (unemployment)
  • Misuse of robotics
  • Removing human responsibility: Robotics and AI could see an increase in humans not taking responsibility for failures.
  • Reducing human control: Excessive reliance on robotics could see sensitive tasks that should require a human guide at least supervising the task, being delegated entirely to AI.

New Materials And Fabrication

Now the robots of the future generation will need to be multifunctional, power-efficient, compliant, and autonomous in ways similar to a biological organism. These challenges in robotics are faced in every domain like automotive, medical, and other fields.

In the future new materials and ways of controlling the movement will be required. One approach taken by labs around the world is artificial muscles, while others are thinking about advanced manufacturing and assembly strategies.

Power and Energy

Like all electric systems, power sources are one of the major challenges in robotics. To minimize these limitations work is ongoing into making the components of a robot more power-efficient. Various researches are ongoing to use technologies such as fuel cells and supercapacitors.

Use Of Multiple Small Robots

This concept is called robot swarms. Robot swarms are alternate to requiring a large robot – allowing simpler, less expensive modular robotic units to be configured into a team. With the reduction in prices and an increase in the performance of sensors, processors, and communication devices, the development of swarm robot strategies will increase over the next decade.

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