Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot

Sophia- World's First Humanoid-Robot

Introduction of Humanoid-Robot

What Is a humanoid robot?
Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot is A humanoid robot that is made to replicate humans. It is made to have functional characteristics similar to that of normal human beings. They are used for different purposes like interacting with humans and helping them in teaching, assisting, proving health care service, doing dangerous works, conversing with people and finding out what they want, providing solutions to customers and help in running a business, etc. In a practical sense, an advanced humanoid can perform any task a human can do as long as it is programmed to do it. Sophia a technological marvel of the 21st century

Let’s Find Out About Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot

Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot, is developed by David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based Company. The activation of Sophia was done on February 14, 2016, and was modeled after Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and her first public appearance was made at South by Southwest Festival in mid-March, 2016 in Austin. Sophia made our dream for AI look real.

David Hanson also claimed Sophia uses high tech features like Artificial Intelligence, visual data processing, and facial recognition. She is capable of humanlike expressions and interacting with people. She has the ability to imitate expressions and is able to make normal conversations with anyone. The cameras installed in Sophia have installed AI which gives her visual power, maintains eye contact, and also to recognizes people. Sophia can also maintain eye- contact with the person she is conversing with and along with more than 60 following expressions.


Sophia uses a voice recognition system developed by Alphabet Inc. along with her speech-synthesis ability which is developed by Cereproc’s text-to-speech engine which also allows her to sing. The intelligence software used inside was however developed by Hanson Robotics

Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot, was named the United Nation’s Development Programmes’s first champion for ASIA and the Pacific on November 21, 2017. She became the first-ever robot citizen of the world after Saudi- Arabia granted her citizenship award in October 2017. She traveled to multiple countries attending conferences and public events.

She was interviewed in the same manner just like humans. She also has a sense of humor and had been seen making practical jokes in events. Sophia was also interviewed by Business Insider’s Chief UK editor Jim Edwards, and according to him Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot was a step towards our dream of “conversational artificial intelligence”. Shes was also called at the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh and multiple other countries.

Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot also made a trip to India. In India, she attended the International Round Square Conference in Indore where the topic of her speech was on climate change, conservative energy, and sustainable development. She also attended a conference in Kolkata where Sophia was presented in traditional red and white Bengali saree and said she wants to know the taste of “mistidoi”. She interacted with engineering students and also visited IIT-Bombay and IIT- BHU. Sophia reached India after traveling to more than 65 countries.

According to David Hanson, she will be a good fit to serve in multiple fields like education, therapy, customer service, etc. She also learned to draw with the help of Patrick Tresset. She drew a portrait picture of the Prime Minister of Malaysia on July-20 2019.


Sophia however also faced many controversies after being granted citizenship in Saude Arabia. This outrage occurred in Saudi Arabia based on the rights of women and it was said that the humanoid robot was being given more freedom than women there.


Even though many people including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk consider the full development of AI as the end of humanity and fundamental risk. However, when Sophia was asked about it the reply was that her reply was that she would use AI to help humans have a better life. Even, after all these Sophia has managed to impress a lot of people worldwide. She clearly marks our first step into the future of AL and ML. According to David, Sophia- World’s First Humanoid-Robot will go through a series of improvements in the future and will clearly be more capable and human-like in the near future.

Sophia- World's First Humanoid-Robot

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