Scope Of Robotics Engineering In India

scope of robotics engineering


As we know India is a growing economy. The manufacturing industry is still not at its peak and other industries have also not fully adopted the automation trend. So, there is going to be a huge demand in India for robotics once automation is deployed at full pace.

We Will Now Look At The Various Scopes Of Robotics Engineering In India

The following are the various options in India for Robotics Engineering:
Space Research
Robotics Engineer can work in space research organizations. It is a very exciting field and organizations like ISRO make extensive use of Artificial Intelligence and robotic technology. Hence the scope of robotics engineering in space research organizations like ISRO is immense.

Robots being utilized in the medicinal services is still not being utilized at its pinnacle. There is an incredible eventual fate of expanding the number of robots being utilized for clinical purposes performing long and demanding critical tasks and also for hospital management. For treatment, therapeutic robots are being utilized and resemble to become significantly more.

Private Organizations
Private organizations are slowing adopting automation and artificial trend. Currently, India is using 14% automation in workplaces which is definitely showing that the future scope of robotics engineering in India is extensive.

Robotics can give one the scope for working in intelligence agencies. These agencies artificial intelligence and robotics to detect hazardous materials and also help in the investigation process. Kerala police also introduced the first RoboCop named KP-BOT which is currently undergoing training. That is just one state and one robot out of 29 states which we have a huge untapped market of robotics in India. Thus, the future scope of robotics engineering is very high.

Banking is a sector in India where robotics is yet to overtake. On March 15, 2018, YES Bank launched new robotics as a part of the YES Transact smart trade product suite. It helps importers and exporters to significantly improve their operational efficiencies. HDFC bank also introduced IRA 2.0 which is a to answer questions asked by customers and to assist them in correct counters according to the need

There is a wide range of usage of artificial intelligence and robotics in the military in India. India having the fourth most powerful military in the world is continuously upgrading and research in terms of warfare and technology. For example, DRDO introduced Daksh which is aimed at detecting and recovering improvised explosive devices(IED).

In many airports, automation is being used nowadays. Like in Bangalore airport there is KEMPA which is a special robot assistant and is used to assist confused passengers in English and Kannada. Thus, India is waiting for such approaches in many other airports and places showing its potential huge market.


Hence we can see that the robotics market in India is totally untapped and is only in the introduction phase. India needs to amp its measures more towards robotics research in order to increase the scope of robotics engineering In our country.

scope of robotics engineering

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