What Embedded Programming Languages one should know for Robotics and Embedded systems?

Embedded Programming Languages

The adoption of devices that use embedded systems is growing at a rapid pace. Moreover, there isn’t much proof to show that it will slow down. Just like computers, even these devices work with the help of programming languages. In fact, hardware and software go hand-in-hand to improve your daily life. Hence, learning these embedded programming languages is of utmost importance.

However, embedded programming comes with its own set of nuances. Firstly, the whole process is a lot more complex than most would think. This is because the utmost amount of work needs to done using as few resources as possible. Therefore, only a few programming languages are suitable for this task. Let us look at them in detail.

Best Embedded Programming Languages

1) C/C++

C/C++ should be learned by every aspiring embedded systems engineer as it is extremely ubiquitous. Importantly, It is easy to code but also blazingly fast to execute, making it ideal for embedded systems. Some other advantages of using C or C++ are its inclusion of pointers, the ability to design custom compilers, loose data typing policy, and more. Also, the presence of a widespread C programming community is vital to provide needed guidance. All of these make C/C++ the default language for embedded programming

2) Python

Python initially made a name for itself in the web and product space as a viable programming language. However, nowadays, it is expanding in scope and is among the best-embedded programming languages. In fact, it offers a host of different benefits like automation tests, real-time data processing, a plethora of libraries, and prototyping. The most important benefit, however, is that it’s astonishingly simple to run on embedded devices.

3) Rust

Rust is related to C++ in the same way as C++ is related to C. When it comes to safety, Rust is the best in the business. Also, since it is a recent programming language, creators have kept in mind the modern developments in technology. Moreover, its set of advantages is various and can give tangible results on a short basis. Where the language does get a bad rep is regarding popularity. To, get acquainted, coders would need more time. Also, there won’t be many support groups for this software

4) Java

Another popular embedded programing language is Java. Ideally, the main intention of using java is to create downloadable applications for various embedded systems. Moreover, it is versatile and will be a valuable skill on your resume. You can also use it to program embedded systems and later port it for different IoT systems. Above everything, it has got a diverse library of functions to make programming easy.

Bonus Tip

Only a few programming languages are suitable for embedded systems programming. However, you will be ahead of the curve by learning the ones we have discussed here. Please note that C++ and Python are the best ones to learn and improve your career prospects. Additionally, sound hardware knowledge is definitely helpful.

Embedded Programming
C++ and Python Are The Preferred Embedded Programming Languages

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