Top 4: Challenges In Embedded Systems Development

challenges in embedded system

If you have an interest in the embedded systems then this article is for you. We have curated the list of challenges in the embedded system. Happy Reading!!

With the increasing use of the embedded systems in mostly every electronic component around us like remote controls, mobile phones, set-top boxes, televisions, and even cars. everything consists of embedded systems, so this also leads to some challenges in embedded system development. So let’s start!!

Major Challenges In Embedded System Development

challenges in embedded system


Safety is one of the prime concerns and challenges in embedded systems. Safety is related to minimizing the frequency of mishaps (especially loss of life, injuries, and damage to property). Like if in IoT, a thermostat that doesn’t turn on the heat when needed, causing household water pipes to freeze and burst. Therefore embedded systems must ensure safety. This is the reason why more strict requirements and limitations in terms of quality, testing, and engineering expertise for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of embedded software is required. So this is why safety is one of the biggest challenges in embedded system development.


One of the biggest issues in the digital world is security. Also becoming the challenge in embedded systems for developers. The related risks grow exponentially, especially so for IoT devices gaining popularity worldwide and becoming more interconnected to each other therefore getting more prone to the risk of hacking attacks.

Design Limitations

The challenges in the design of embedded systems have always been in the same limiting requirements for decades:

  • Small form factor;
  • Low energy;
  • Long-term stable performance without maintenance.

Depending on applications in IoT and other fields, there is a growing demand for the manufacture of processors which are scalable or not big in size with cheap and ultra-low-power consumption to get maximum performance with no maintenance.

Pace of Change

In the recent past, technologies that are used for embedded systems developing were almost the same with some new higher capacity processor to come out once a year. Then things eventually began speeding up. In the last 5 years, we witness the fast development of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence. So this is creating a problem for developers because available technologies are changing faster than they can get hold of them. So this makes this dynamic change a challenge for embedded systems.


In spite of the difficulties and issues embedded system developers are facing in the transition from single to connected devices, they prove to find efficient solutions on the go. Learning new skills quickly enough and keep them razor-sharp in the fast-paced world is a challenge for embedded system engineers.

Nowadays it is common to see the updates in your smartphones, speakers are becoming portable and there are tons of examples like that. The functionality in smart devices is only the result of the development of embedded systems. This is possible because of the change in pace challenge in embedded system development is overcome by developers.

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