How Embedded System Changed Over Time?

change in embedded system

In this article, we will discuss various changes in embedded systems or how embedded systems have evolved over time.

We all know that use of embedded systems is increasing every day. If you see around you practically most devices you are using have embedded systems in it from remote controls to your vehicles everything has an embedded system in it.

Embedded systems design is evolving as businesses are under pressure to innovate faster than ever before. Legacy systems that were once purpose-built must be modernized or give way to new fluid and connected systems. Of course, the need for this transition didn’t happen overnight. So the change in embedded systems happened over time or evolved in many years.

Let’s review the history of embedded systems and how things have changed to drive this evolution.

Things that are responsible for changes in embedded systems design include improvements in hardware as well as the continuing evolution in software development methods.

At the hardware level, it’s now possible to do more with a single CPU. Rather than host just one application, new multi-core systems on a chip (SoCs) can support multiple applications on a single hardware platform while still maintaining modest power and cost requirements. So at the hardware level, this was one of the major changes in embedded systems.

At the same time, advances in software development techniques point toward systems that are more software-defined and fluid than their predecessors. Regarding programming languages, Python has emerged as an interesting alternative for embedded systems programming. C and assembler rightly represented the predominant programming languages in 1997. This changed and developers shifted towards C. And now python is shifting the balance of content from C.

In the past, there were no concepts that are trending in this decade. So these trends have led to various changes In the hardware and software level. These trends are responsible for changes in the embedded system:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Deep Learning
  • Embedded Speech
  • Embedded Vision
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Values Which Remains Same

While there are many changes in the embedded systems world, the core requirements have remained the same

  • Safety: This refers to the system’s ability to make sure that it does not have an adverse effect on its environment. Sectors such as industrial, transportation, aerospace, and automotive can cause deaths or environmental disasters if their embedded systems malfunction.
  • Security: Cyberattacks have become more common at the same time that completely isolated systems are becoming rarer. Embedded systems engineers are taking security even more seriously than before.
  • Reliability: Embedded system must be reliable in a way that it must perform as it is expected to be. It should produce the same outcome, in the same time frame, the first or millionth time it is activated.
  • Certifiable: The certification process is a critical and costly part of development for many embedded systems.
change in embedded system

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