Embedded Processor Vs Microcontroller

Embedded Processors VS Microcontrollers

As all the computer systems become more and more famous in everyday items, the workings of those items will require some sort of digital controlling for sure!
Most of the controllers that once handled large mechanical systems now work inside smaller digital and mechanical devices which makes it very important.
Embedded Processor Vs Microcontroller!
However, the microcontrollers, are not the same as embedded computer processors.
In other words, while sharing similar functionality in the devices used, both of them integrate into their roles in computers in a different way, and for different reasons in their respective way.
Embedded System is a system that is used to create any automation device or to control any machines using Micro Controller!
The microController is a Circuit that has a processor, Memory, Timer.
It can be programmed with any dedicated task.

Embedded Processors

An embedded processor is simply a computing device for controlling parts inside a system!
An embedded processor that is present in a system handles all the computation and logical operation of a computer!
The embedded processor also handles storing!
Also, getting data from memory, and processing data from any inputs or outputs!
Embedded processors often work as part of a computer system, alongside memory and I/O devices which it contains.

Embedded Processor
Embedded Processor Vs Microcontroller: Embedded Processor


As time passed by, the controllers became smaller and smaller!
All the parts of a controller, along with the memory and I/O devices, became integrated with the controller as a standard.
Finally, when the entire controller was able to fit on single chips, they came to be known as microcontrollers.
A microcontroller contains each and everything required to control an external system!
This limiting of these, functionality to the basic requirements of a control unit makes implementing microcontrollers very cheap and easy as compared to others.

Embedded Processor Vs Microcontroller: Microcontroller

Embedded Processor vs Microcontroller

The main difference between the microcontrollers and embedded processors is makeup and integration!
Embedded processors, while in a sense controlling the system they are a part of, however, they require external resources such as RAM and registers in order to do so.
In the other case, a processor is not a control system!
Microcontrollers, on the other hand, contain everything required to control a system in every single chip.
A microcontroller might contain an embedded processor as part of its makeup, but most importantly it also combines other computer parts, such as memory and signal registers, in a single chip.

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