Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems

Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems

Introduction To The World Of Robotics & Embedded Systems

Robotics and Embedded Systems are an integral part of our modern-day society. Every device, machine, gadget we use has some property of Embedded system. Knowingly or unknowingly we are using robotics daily in our everyday life and it has come a long way since inception Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems has completely changed our modern-day lifestyle

Applications Of Robotics And Embedded Systems

With the Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems, Smart agriculture is the future of agriculture. Many Western countries are already using smart agriculture. This is going to be the future of Indian agriculture where farmers can achieve maximum output while keeping the input minimum. System collects data from satellites about weather conditions, predict soil quality and suggest the best farming method after analysing. These new technologies also provide farmers with information about the market condition and provide important suggestions.
Industrial Robots
The automobile industry has completely automated many of their manufacturing processes leading to reduction of cost and increasing efficiency and productivity with the Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems
AI, Robotics & Embedded Systems etc are changing the face of the modern-day warfare. Few operations of defence robots with are :
1) carrying heavy equipment
2) rescuing wounded soldiers in combat zones
3) operating in high- alert dangerous situations
4) detect incoming attack
5) spying on enemy and taking photographs of enemy location
6) lock on target and attack with precision
Health-Care Systems-
Modern-day health care system extensively used health care. Few applications are:
1) Perform long hour complex operations.
2) disinfect hospitals.
3) provide service to patients with contagious diseases.
4) Exoskeleton support for handicapped or injured patients.

Supply chain
Robotics with the help of Embedded Systems is being extensively used in logistics and supply chain. They help in loading/ unloading, organizing the warehouse, piece picking of stationery goods and also helps in packaging as per needs.
Entertainment Industry
Robotics is also found in the entertainment industries. Starting from reality show to TV daily soaps and movies robot are being used everywhere the main reason for using robots is their precision, productivity and efficiency.
Robotics in construction is very useful nowadays. Robots are used for 3D printing for building skyscrapers, road construction, manual hard labour etc. Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems reduce operational cost and also saves time. It also provides maintenance and precision and thus in return takes care of safety.

Other Applications of Robotics & Embedded Systems

In many countries like Japan, applications of robotics & Embedded systems can be seen in restaurants. They are mainly used for faster service to the waiting customers and also can be used in the kitchen for chopping vegetables and another process to help make the cooking process faster. Also, few restaurants use smart devices to take orders instead of waiters going as asking customers to place orders. Even though this concept is not very popular until now, however, this is going to be the future of the restaurant business.
Home Appliances
Applications of Robotics & Embedded Systems can be seen in our everyday home appliances. Some examples of embedded systems and robots are:
1) Pool cleaning machine
2) digital printer
3) Modem
4) Webcam
5) Smart washing machine
6) Automatic vacuum cleaners


From this article, you get an idea that the application of robotics & embedded system can be found far and wide in almost every industry. Starting from a heavy large scale industry to our home appliances, we are all using robotics & embedded systems every day and many times without even our knowledge.

Applications Of Robotics & Embedded Systems

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