Application Of Embedded System In NanoTechnology

embedded system in nanotechnology

In this article, you will get knowledge about applications of embedded systems in nanotechnology. If you have ever thought of being an embedded system developer then you must read this article.

The study and application of incredibly small things and that can be utilized across various scientific fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering is called nanotechnology.

In this article, we are discussing nanoelectronics. It is one of the fields of nanotechnology. Nanoelectronics and embedded systems complement each other. They both go hand in hand. Since nanoelectronics is getting popular these days to get the benefit of that or build your own project you need to learn embedded systems somehow.

Some of the components which use both nanotechnology and embedded system:

embedded system in nanotechnology

Computers: A number of approaches are currently being researched, including new forms of nanolithography, as well as the use of nanomaterials such as nanowires or small molecules in place of traditional CMOS components. Field-effect transistors(embedded systems) have been made using both semiconducting carbon nanotubes and with heterostructured semiconductor nanowires (SiNWs).

Memory storage: An embedded system uses different types of memory modules for a wide range of tasks such as storage of software code and instructions for hardware. To program the microcontroller these software codes and instructions are used. So basically all the microcontroller embedded system modules are used with memory storage to function your electronic equipment.

Displays: The displays production with low energy consumption might be accomplished using carbon nanotubes (CNT) and/or silicon nanowires. These nanotechnologies are useful only if they are operated to use these displays we need to use embedded systems with it.

Radios: These Nanoradios have been developed structured around carbon nanotubes. These Nanoradios, to operate need embedded systems.

Energy production: To create cheaper and more efficient solar cells than conventional planar silicon solar cells, for this research is going on to use nanowires and other nanostructured materials with the hope to achieve the goal. This also needs an embedded system anyhow because almost every electric equipment consists embedded system and to operate these panels one must need an embedded system.

So basically, every electronic component consists of embedded systems. From remote controls to cars everything consists embedded system. These nano electronic applications of nanotechnology also used with embedded systems.

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