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What After College is ambitiously working towards its aims of creating an ecosystem where all the stakeholders in the higher education industry can mutually benefit from each through a streamlined set of services and products. We curate career-enhancing activities for students and allow experts, institutions and brands to reach out to thousands of students easily. It acts as a one stop-solution for students where they can enhance their skills, connect with experts and share their stories on the same platform

So it was a natural progression for the company to collaborate itself with India Fellow whose social leadership program is focussed on guiding and enhancing the generation that will be the pillars of our nation. Their work towards building potential leaders of tomorrow is what made the company join hands since the collaboration will only bring results that will be record shatters.

Why India Fellow?

Development of India is responsibility of everyone – NGOs, government, corporate, enterprises and most importantly of its citizens. Our belief is that in each and every sector, India needs talented young leaders who have had deep exposure to India’s broader realities, who understand the challenges and opportunities presented in diverse environments that have the empathy, skills and determination to create social good. Our future bankers, scientists, bureaucrats, teachers, entrepreneurs need this learning experience.

A lot of young people are making a conscious career choice to work in the development sector. However there are many who have not considered their role in social development and therefore can tremendously benefit from an experiential learning program that can help them find their own path to contribute to social change irrespective of whether they choose a career in NGO, businesses or government.

Through India Fellow program we want to capture the attention of young people from all walks of life, with diverse career interests, to dig in and get to know the development challenges through hands-on experience, training and mentorship. We believe, this will help them to become committed and passionate leaders of tomorrow, and in process contribute to the development of India.

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Fellowship Design:

The India Fellow is a 13-month full-time paid fellowship program that has the following three major aspects:

1] Training and Peer-learning:

The fellowship has approximately 7 weeks of training spread over the duration of 13 months where fellows meet and learn about Project Management, Development Theory & Practice, Design Thinking, Systems Practice and Self-efficacy through Creative methods, Work skills/knowledge and Personal leadership.

2] Work Assignment with a Grassroots Organization:

Fellows spend most of their time with a reputed, authentic and committed organization working on various social issues. During this, the fellow will be living in their work areas, typically rural setups, and working on a specific role. The immersion is a powerful experience for fellows to look inwards as well as understand issues India faces at large. The organization supports the fellow with a monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000 for living expenses.

3] Mentor-ship:

Every fellow is supported with a mentor who is an expert in their domain and will personally be a philosopher and guide to the fellow in his/her journey. Along with that, the fellowship ecosystem consists of sector leaders, alumni and personnel from various organizations who are constantly available and interacting with fellows to enrich their experience.

Selection Process:

Selection to India Fellow program is a 3-step process.

  1. Applicants fill a detailed online application form.
    2. Shortlisted candidates will go through a telephonic interview.
    3. Those who qualify, will be invited for a day of assessment process and personal interview in one of our centres.

Final selections will be announced by end of December, 2018. Fellowship begins from February, 2019.
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– You are between 20 to 28 years of age
– You are already a graduate (in any discipline) or will be by February 2019
– You are an Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin
– You are ready for a 13-month full time commitment to the fellowship