Top 3 Reasons Why IOS Is More Secure Than Android

why ios is more secure than android

In this article, we have curated for you the top 3 reasons why ios is more secure than android in mobile application development.

We all know that both iOS and Android development platforms are the strong competitors of one another. It is true that the competition is very tough in every aspect and sphere, but when it comes to security factors, iOS wins the competition.

Even this fact has been proved through a study that Android platforms become the victim of malware more than its counterpart. Both android and ios developers are trying their level best to offer the best secured operating system, but you want to know why that Apple has excelled and experts trust iOS platforms more than Android. Let’s find out the reasons why ios is more secure than android:

Android Is Open Source

Tech experts, one of the major concerns about the topic, why ios is more secure than android, is that Android as an Operating System has more often an open-source. the result of this aspect is that anybody can get access to what’s going on in the Android platform. However, having any such access in iOS is nearly very difficult if not impossible.

With respect to downloading and control over the software, Apple is very strict in imposing the terms and conditions. This simply means you cannot launch every app on the Apple app store, unlike Google Play Store.

Enterprise Apps

The enterprise mobile apps have become a big boon for the enterprise and business communities as it has eased out the pressure of work to a much extent. It has enabled the employees to work efficiently even outside the premises of the office through the introduction of the BYOD technique. But as everyone is sharing the same data via his/her device, it has also raised questions on security.

In both cases, the developers have the opportunity to build a secured area that is free from user profile data and allows them to install enterprise apps. Tools such as app-specific VPN tunnels and data encryption also helps in securing the network data. After this, your device will not act as personal but get converted to a specific device for accessing the enterprise apps. It is also true that both are prone to security breaches but android is more likely to be targeted than Apple. This is the reason why ios is more secure than android in enterprise apps.

To get into the Apple device is not easy. It secures the unique technology and can also not allow us to view the data so as to create any security hole. To be honest, no third party can easily open its part. this explains your question, why ios is more secure than android

In ios, any outsider can also not go through the contact list or the UDID number of phones as it has control over the infrastructure of the device. Android gives you the space to go through the details. So these reasons might have made you clear about your question that why ios is more secure than android.

App Testing

Before the app is finally released on the app store and goes live for the end-users, Mobile App Testing is supposed to be an important procedure. Most definitely, Apple does not leave a single margin for error from its side and is very stern on this parameter. All the pass have to go through a hard test before being allowed to download from the app store. This is also the reason why ios is more secure than android.

However, although Google also follows the same policy the test it conducts on its apps is not as thorough as iOS. That is the reason more apps are available on the Google Play Store in Comparison to Apple App Store.

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