How to start iOS App Development?

how to start ios app development

The iOS app developer is one of the hottest jobs in the market nowadays. With huge demand and opportunities and great pay, many people are thinking of starting a career in it or switching their current one to this.

So, let’s look at how to learn iOS app development.

Mac and iPhone

Well, the first thing you need to start iOS development is a Mac and an iPhone because these are the main working tools. iOS apps can be tested on iPhones only because iOS is supported by Apple products only. Also, the main development software like Xcode is supported by Mac only. So, you have to buy one if are serious in developing iOS apps.

Programming Language

Swift and Objective-C are the main programming languages developed by Apple used to develop codes, functions, and algorithms for iOS apps. Swift is the latest one of the two and is the more used right now. Objective-C is the tried and tested one, and has been used continuously for the past few decades. But still, Swift is the language to go for as it is updated and more in demand.


Xcode is the main developing platform where all the action takes place. It is where the codes and UI design are constructed and compiled. Xcode is feature-loaded and can develop an iOS app. But Xcode is not platform-independent and runs on Mac only. It is the official iOS app development software developed by Apple and is free of cost.

Learning actual App development

After learning a programming language and getting used to Xcode, the main part comes that is learning how apps are built. App development includes both learning UI design and codes to build function and algorithms. Many books, websites, and tutors are available both online and offline which can help you to start from scratch.

Work on a project

Project is the part where you get a chance to implement your knowledge of iOS app development. Developing and working on your own app can help you in learning new things and tools and improve your skills. These projects are necessary and act as your resume as an iOS app developer. Almost, every recruiter asks what you have built or what are you working on and judge you on the basis of that.

So, creating good projects can give you good rewards while applying for jobs.

Publishing on App Store

Last but not the least, is publishing your app on the App Store to make it useable for people. This strengthens your resume and leaves a good impression on recruiters. To publish on App Store an iOS developer account is required that costs around $100 yearly. So, if you can afford that amount, you can surely give it a shot and publish your iOS app on the App Store.

How to start iOS App Development?

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