Mobile App Distribution Platforms!

Mobile Application Distribution Platforms

A Mobile Application?
Yes! It is that device in our life, that has changed our lifestyle completely!
Also, we are fully dependent on a mobile device and the applications which work on it making our life very easy!
A mobile app is a software application!
It is to run on mobile devices such as android phones and tablets, TV, and many more.
Also, the mobile Apps are dependent on your device and its operating system inside it on which it works.
For instance, there are many applications that run on android devices to do out tasks easier.
Also, Online software provides all the users to browse and download available apps on the play stores, games, movies, etc.
But, what are the mobile app distribution platforms?

Mobile App Distribution Platforms!
Mobile App Distribution Platforms!

List Of Mobile App Distribution Platforms

Google Play

Google Play!
It is an Android Market, a digital distribution service operated and fully developed by Google.
It is one of the important mobile app distribution platforms.
Google Play is the main app for the Android operating system.
Also, it provides all the users to browse, search, and download apps, music, movie rentals, and e-books from Google and third-party developers.
Google Play is the one-stop-shop to download and it also installs apps on Android devices without even changing the device’s application setting totally.

Samsung Galaxy Applications

Samsung Galaxy Application is a digital and a very important distribution platform!
It is developed and maintained by the Samsung company.
It is mainly known as feature phones as Samsung Apps that happens with Galaxy and all the Gear devices.
The app store for devices that were launched in September in the year 2009!
Samsung has designed almost all the Galaxy Apps!
More importantly, an app store that passes the need for all the Galaxy owners to turn to Google Play.
We can also transfer all the applications from an old device to the brand new device with all the required information!

Amazon App Store

It is the Amazon App Store for Android!
We can obtain the required apps on this platform very easily!
Also, this is the place where you can see apps records based on your past Amazon usage and store using Amazon’s secure payment technology which makes it unique!
But, we can Save more, play more with Amazon Coins which they introduced.
The Amazon App store introduced one more very special feature “Free App of the Day”.
The Amazon gave free applications and games every day for promotion.
Hence, on the launch day, this game was in itself a very important promotional game.
These are some of the Mobile App distribution platforms.

Blackberry World

This is an on-device multimedia content service in which users can download applications, games for the respective BlackBerry smartphone very easily!
Also, the main app store for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, the service established by BlackBerry.
It is a mobile app distribution services and applications by the whole BlackBerry world.
But, the BlackBerry World is a centralized marketplace, and also the collection ranges vary widely!
These are some of the important mobile app distribution platforms!

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