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What Is Mobile App Development:

Before learning the mobile app development, initially, we should get to know about its information. It’s a process in which, new applications are created for mobile and other devices with the use of the android operating system. In mobile app development, android apps are developed using complex programming languages.such as kotlin, java,c++ and etc. A software development kit(SDK) is used in mobile app development. A software development kit is as eclipse, java software development kit, and android studio.

Though mobile app development programming languages are numerous. But, there are two commonly used and successful known programming languages. They are, Java and Kotlin, and java is viewed as the most popular and used worldwide.

Types Of Apps:(Mobile App Development)

  • Native apps: These apps are signified specifically for mobile device operating systems. They are developed for just one platform. Native apps are coded in programming languages.They are as,Java,Kotlin,Python,Swift,Objective-C,C++
  • Web apps: These are accessed through a web browser alike to native apps from mobile devices. Web apps are designed using Html5, CSS, Javascript, Ruby.
  • Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are web apps that seem and respond like native apps. Hybrid apps are a fusion of web technology and native API’s.technologies are as Ionic, Objective c, Swift, Html5
  • Smartphone users spent about 90% of their mobile time on apps.
  • 85% Of consumers favor native mobile apps over a mobile website.
  • An average of 30 apps is installed by the consumer.
  • Approximately 35 hours spent on mobile apps in a month.
  • Nearby 6140 apps were released every single day
Skills To Learn Mobile App Development:

1.Java programming

2.Kotlin programming

3.Android studio (software development kit)

4.Sql (database)

5.UI/UX Skills

6.cyber security awareness

7.Cross-Platform Technologies (mobile app development)

1.Java:(mobile app development)

Java is a core of android, it is suitable to be the most adopted language for aspiring in mobile app development and android something to be compulsory to master the art in java programming for mobile app development.

Yet, Java acknowledged being the official language for mobile app development. Though there have been other programming languages that can be used for coding in mobile app development. Android app development based upon java programming. Essentially, most of the mobiles are android programmed.

Java And Key Aspects:

  • Java is easy to learn for new developers.Java programming language can be expanded using virtual missions.
  • It’s an object-oriented language and with unmatched flexibility.Java is known for its variety of features and various applications.
  • The Java program comes with a variety of inbuilt tools and different applications.Java programming consists of an immense number of tools available for free.


Before kotlin came as a mobile app development programming language. Java is considered to be a default language for mobile app development. Because of it’s most popular and commonly used in programming language for mobile app development. Now, Kotlin is a new platform for coding options. Right now the kotlin is the alternative of java for creating android development applications.

Specialties Of Kotlin:(Mobile App Development)
  • Less Code:

Less code is essential which leads to fewer errors. Kotlin’s all about high readability, Simplicity, and the development of mobile app development.

  • Co-ordinates with existing java code:

kotlin is the comprehensive java compatible. All java frames and libraries can be open in kotlin. Mobile app developers could switch to apps from java to kotlin.

  • Multi-platform development :

kotlin renders support for javascript, allowing developers to transfer or create their front end in kotlin.

3.Android Studio:

Android studio is an android approved’s purpose to built for android to stimulate your development and help you to build quality apps. Android studio based on IntelliJ IDEA

Highlights of the android studio:

  • Gradle-based build support
  • Quick fixes
  • Tools to catch performances and usability
  • Proguard and app-signing capabilities
  • Smart lay allows to drag and drop UI components, preview layouts on multiple screens.
  • Strong color preview editor

4.Sql (database) :

SQL stands for structured query’s a declarative language used for storing and retrieving data in a data base.sql it’s probably in the context of MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or SQLite, these are database types, which use SQL with different syntax. Single language with varied mobile app development, developer tends to use SQLite which ideal for mobile application and especially useful for permanent storing data.

5.UI/UX Skills:

To attain out to a maximum number of audiences ensure that you have good knowledge over UI/UX could create enticing app design and user experience. A visually appealing and engaging app is usually a result to have an efficient user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

  • User Interface:

It ensures that the user can comfortably interact with the app.user interface consists of design, graphics, and presentation.

  • User Experience (UX) :

User experience involves the app’s accessibility, simplicity, usability which enhances the user experience and satisfaction.user experience is a unification of users’ emotions, feelings, and preferences.

6.Cyber Security Awareness:

Cybersecurity has become an essential issue to be tackle. Developers necessity to have an awareness of cybersecurity in the mobile app development process.should possess thorough knowledge over cybersecurity guidelines and their implementation in the app development defend from hackers and their evil goals.

7.Cross-Platform App Development Technologies:

Mobiles applications that operate on multiple platforms and devices are preferred by many .having a precise knowledge of cross-platform app development technology could be acknowledged as a plus point for an app developer.

learn mobile app development

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