iOS App Development

ios app development

Considering a career in iOS app development, building apps for Apple products who is a heavyweight when it comes to mobiles, building some of the most popular, eye-catching iPhones. So, let’s have a look at what iOS app development is all about.

Why iOS app development

Apple is one of the biggest mobile makers in the world and has around 40% share in the smartphone market. Also, it’s user base is spread across all over the world and across all ages. So, every company wants their apps to be developed for iPhones and therefore run after iOS app developers and pay a handsome amount for their efforts. The demand for iOS developers is huge in today’s market and if you are considering a career in iOS app development, it’s definitely not a bad choice.

Let’s look at an overview of what all it takes to be an iOS app developer.

Swift and Objective-C

Swift and Objective-C are the two main programming languages used in iOS app development. Both these languages were developed by Apple. Swift is the latest and updated one with extended and upgraded features which makes programming easy. Objective-C is a tried and tested language and has been used for the past few decades for iOS Softwares. But Swift is the language to for as it widely used nowadays.


Xcode is the main iOS app development platform software. It was developed by Apple where you can develop UI design, create functions and algorithms, and compile them. It has loads of features and built-in Assistant Editor which provides codes on side pane. Xcode is free software but runs only on Mac.

SQLite Database

Apps handle and store a lot of data. So, it’s important to get used to SQLite as it is the database engine used in iOS apps. It is lightweight, fast, and reliable as it is used in both Mac OS and iOS. It contains an embedded SQL engine, so if you are familiar with SQL then you will easily be able to use SQLite. So, DBMS is another important thing to learn in iOS app development.

Work on Projects

While learning it is important to implement your knowledge by working and creating new apps. Projects are a great way to learn new things and getting a deeper understanding of a topic. These iOS app development projects can be really helpful in strengthening your CV and give you an edge over others while applying for jobs.

At last, you should be able to develop any type of app a company requires and should take any opportunity whether small or big to get industry experience and get a head-start in iOS app development. Other than that, if you gain enough experience and make connections you can try freelancing and directly provide your services to various companies being your own boss.

iOS App Development

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