What are the different programming languages used for App Development ??

Programming Languages used for Android App Development

Many people use web applications in today’s world, but Life without a mobile phone and internet is impossible to imagine today !!
An application is designed because it helps us to make a task simple with less effort on the end of the user. Life of a person is very easy with a mobile phone! Mobile/Android Application Development is the process of creating applications so that they are easy to use and can be used on a mobile device. A mobile application uses a connection because it needs to work well.
There are two main parts for the development. One is iOS from Apple Inc. And the other is Android from Google. There are different languages to create the android applications.

Android/Mobile App Development : LANGUAGES*

JAVA* is the main Language for the Android Application Development!
For any mobile application developer around the world,the most preferred language for an Android app is Java ! One of the reasons being that it’s simply the main language of Android app development, which means it is one of the most supported languages by Google and the one that most applications in the Play Store are built with. Most of the applications built are found on the play store on android and app store for apple phones.

Along with Java, KOTLIN* is a language as a second option to Java for Android Application Development. It is the second main language after the java language!

Most importantly, C#* language can also put into effect the not needed memory therefore memory wastage have less chances. And C# language is clean and is very simple unlike the Java language therefore using the same language is very easy!

PYTHON* is a language for Android Application Development even though Android does not have the Python development so it is very useful.

Lastly, BASIC* is a language for android application development. It is a really powerful tool and is very useful.

CORONA ( to build games ) :

CORONA* language, – made largely for games.
This language does require basic major skills, but it offers a nice and great introduction to the world of applications.
At the same time, though, it is limited and a few steps are removed. This language is for someone who wants something simple and is not at all worried about developing their coding skills or becoming a pro.
If one wants to use different features, they need to pay some amount as a fee.

Additional information

Besides, some languages and tools allow app support on different stages.
The best way to build an Android application is to go ahead and download Android Studio.
Android Studio is a piece of software which is very useful for making applications. It is a package which is nothing but a set of tools to run Android development for applications. This will give you everything you need in one place to get up and get going for the work you need and make it more simple and make it easier for the end user to use it safely.

Android Application Development
Android Application Development

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