Developing Native Ios Application

developing native ios app

Ios app development:

Developing an ios app needs a MAC computer and IDE (integrated development environment)as XCODE. which presents a comprehensive graphical interface and also an SDK tool, compilers, and frameworks. The SDK fundamental tool kits like UI kit, foundation kit, push kit, map kit, and the game kit provides associated accessories expected for application development.
Now, let’s review the developing a native application on the ios platform and features of a native application.

Native Application Development:

In the process of developing an app in a native concept. It’s exclusive can be created on a particular platform by using an especially required programming language. Just like, if we necessitate an app creation on the app store of apple we can only need to use their programming languages like objective-c and swift for coding. For the same app creation we need to code another different programming language to launch an app on googles play store. This is called native application development. It might take time and can be expensive than compare to hybrid app.but, there are some benefits of creating a native application.

Advantages of the Native app:

Native application development advantages like command over the camera, contacts, accelerometer, GPS, and compass, and so on. Native apps can also use device notification and can work offline. Working offline consider to be the best hallmark of native applications. Generally native apps are used in business, education, and entertainment. They are really good at performance and are fast and responsive.they are developed for specific platforms.

Specialties of Native Application Development:


Native apps operate on any smartphone smoothly than any other app like hybrid apps and cross-platform apps at performance level. The access API and other components. Which are having various sizes and differences in system versions? Native apps are recognized as being fast and reliable than any other application development program. And, the purpose is, native apps are coded and programmed in the platform-based programming language. Which only serves on a specific platform ecosystem.


These apps don’t rely on any other or any third-party framework. They are extremely dependable on their official API’s. Which are thoroughly examined in various stages or segments of the system versions? Native apps are well guarded by many layers of the operating system. It could be really hard to exploit, whereas hybrid apps depend on the browser security system. The SDK in the operating system is in a good development stage of its official platforms. It could easily track the issue and trace them out and solve them.

User interface and user experience:

Spending in UI/UX might build a brand for your app. It helps to know about client or user behavior on the basis of that you can make any improvements if needed. The user interface is concerned with the design, graphics, and presentation of an app. Whereas user experience is like emotions, human feelings, perceptions, and the way of interaction. Enhancing the UI/UX could lead to the satisfaction of users and may increase the ROI. Mobile app should be more visually appealing and engaging. which could give the best outcome from the user perspective. Investing in UI/UX may be a reason for becoming an app successful. As compared to less investing in and considerably low technical work in user interface and user experience might be a reason to compete hard.

The native app is on offline:

Native apps are capable to work offline. And, here makes the user excited about a special feature in a native could decrease battery usage. Whereas other apps are very heavy in consuming battery because of the connectivity and signal issues. Installing a native app result to conserve the battery. The apps that work offline could hold a reason for progressing downloads and they are preferred by numerous users.

developing native ios application

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