Can Mobile Contact Tracing Apps lift Lockdown?

Contact Tracing app

Different countries and societies have been altered by the efforts to control the epidemic or the COVID-19!
A widely available vaccine for coronavirus is still more than a year away. But, governments worldwide are considering ways to bring some normality back to the world a little sooner than it appears.
Is a smartphone and the apps available, useful in these conditions?
Smartphone contact-tracing technology has played a role in easing lockdown in a country like China!
One important option coming under is using mobile technology to trace people thought to have Covid-19. Also, to trace those they may have passed the disease on to the different people.
So what exactly is the contact tracing app? And how does it help the people in their normal life?

What is the Contact Tracing app?

The Contact-tracing app follows the movements of a person’s phone using technology like the Bluetooth low-energy sensors.
The Bluetooth sensors in mobile phones would sense when someone came within a very close range of anyone. And who reports that they have the symptoms of Covid-19, or who has tested positive for the virus!
If a user spends more than a certain amount of time next to a person who thinks or knows they’re positive, they would be warned!

One more key benefit of the contact tracing apps is that they could be a way to warn people when they have had contact with someone who didn’t know they had Covid-19 at the time. It’s possible to do contact tracing the old-fashioned way, through interviews with the patient, but this is time consuming, laborious and the number is people in the world is very high. For instance, there is one more problem that a person won’t remember or know how to identify a stranger they passed in a shop.

People used= Bluetooth rather than location, powered by GPS, the global positioning system, because GPS is not possible to use without the privacy laws. Therefore Bluetooth is much more efficient and simpler.
It is also a big drain on mobile phone batteries and also it is not accurate enough based on what we think we know about the transmission of Covid-19.

Contact Tracing App
Contact Tracing App

How does the app work?

The app uses Bluetooth to record an ID from every smartphone that comes into range, if it also has the app on their mobile device.

If a person is later diagnosed with COVID-19 and they consent, IDs from the app will be shared with a central server and used by all the health authorities to track down people who may have been exposed, and help to break the chain of transmission in the surrounding.
If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 today, you’re likely to be interviewed by a contact tracer. He will ask where you have been and who you’ve seen in the early days.

Yes! If the people in this pandemic period cooperate with the rules of this application, ut will surely help us stay safe from this deadly disease!
This Contact Tracing app has only one objective to keep us away from the positive COVID-19 people. The only thing we have to do is install the app! Also, keep the Bluetooth on and give the correct answers to the questions asked!

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