AR/VR In Apps

AR/VR in apps

AR/VR: AR is Augmented Reality whereas VR is Virtual Reality.
We hear about AR and VR a lot these days. No less popular is the technology of augmented reality which is AR. Unlike VR, it does not create a completely virtual world but it surely adds something to the reality instead that changes your view of the present moment.
AR and VR technology are very popular nowadays. Though they sound similar to each other, they are very different from each other.

Virtual Reality(VR)

VR headphones completely take over your full vision to give you the perfect impression that you’re somewhere else in the world!
Some of the headsets are completely opaque, blocking out your surroundings when you wear them. But when you put them on when they’re turned off, you think you are completely blindfolded.
When these headsets turn on, however, headset lenses refract the LED panels and completely fill your field of vision with whatever is displayed to you. It can be a game, a 3D video, or just the virtual space of the platform interfaces.
Visually, it takes you to wherever the headset wants you to go around the world. The virtual world replaces the outside world

Augmented Reality

This AR technology is for a completely free movement while projecting all the images over whatever you look at in the surroundings. This also is applied to all android phones with Augmented Reality apps and some games like the most popular game Pokemon Go, which use your own camera to track the surroundings around you and also display some information on top of it.
Augmented Reality displays can also offer something as simple as a data display on the screen that shows the time, to something floating in the middle of a room.
Pokemon Go game projects a Pokemon on your screen, on top of whatever the camera is looking at!


Difference Between the two(AR/VR)

  1. Virtual reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are two very different things in two very different ways!
    VR replaces the actual reality, taking you somewhere else in the world while you are in one place. AR adds some additional features to the reality, which projects the information on top of what you’re already seeing.
    They’re both powerful technologies that have yet to make their mark with consumers but show a lot of promise to the world. They can completely change how we use computers in the future the way we are using it, but whether one or both will succeed is anyone’s guess right now.
  2. For games, augmented reality i.e AR can build experiences using your surroundings. Whereas VR creates a totally imaginary world around you which is not real.
  3. Augmented Reality technology has a distinct disadvantage as compared with virtual reality which is visual immersion.
    While VR completely covers and replaces your field of vision around you, AR apps only show up on your smartphone or tablet screen, and can only project images in a limited area in front of your eyes. 
    AR and VR have a lot of differences among them.

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