What are the Companies that use Machine Learning

What Are The Companies that use Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are certainly being referred to as the next big thing because of their importance in all the industries. But many companies have already hit the ground running and only gained success since getting there by building Machine Learning as a part of the core functions of their business. Currently, almost all organizations are using ML algorithms. Growing their business to function more effectively and efficiently. These companies use the power of machine learning to introduce new and exciting features of the technology. They try to deliver a robust service to their customers by using machine learning as one of their prominent business principles. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence together lets companies personalize their experiences across various channels. Which were otherwise not possible manually.

Generally, companies imply machine learning to address five key business cases: user acquisition, customer support, forecasting, fraud prevention, and people management. Here are some companies nailing this machine learning thing to grow their businesses:



Amazon, a leader in customer experience innovation is another company that uses machine learning. It has taken things to the next level by reorganizing the company around its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning efforts. It has been an early applicant of ML algorithms and automation. For so many years giving them an edge in using AI. Targeted to improve efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve customer experience. It has been heavily focused internally. Whether shopping or functioning within their AWS platform, chances are you’re engaging with several machine-learning programs. Alexa, Prime Air, and Amazon Go, which all function through AI and Machine Learning algorithms. Amazon’s approach to these algorithms and learnings is called a flywheel. The flywheel approach means that innovation around machine learning in one area of the company fuels the efforts of other teams as well. AWS is using machine learning primarily to forecast demand for computation.


It is a well-known fact that Google, or its parent company Alphabet, is at the forefront of innovation. Google is a company that uses machine learning. Machine learning is already embedded in its services like Gmail, Google Search, and Google Maps. Google is expanding its database on the basis of research and development which reflects the machine learning approach of Google. For example, Google’s Deep Mind network that has been recently launched by Google, a recent update in neural network research of Google. Built to simulate human thought processes. It allows Google’s technology to process data more thoroughly and efficiently. This allows the virtual twist in the classical analog of machine learning. It also includes natural language processing, speech recognition, and translation which further translates into search ranking and so helping in future prediction.

Google has trained the networks to extract important information and ignore irrelevant information. It uses ML algorithms and learnings to provide its customers with a valuable and personalized experience.



One of the largest and oldest technological companies IBM has managed the transformation of old business models into new business and revenue markets. The renowned artificial intelligence system of IBM Watson allows self-learning behavioral model studies. Watson was designed to consume data at a drastically faster rate than a human can, to learn from it, and augment human capabilities. This new technique has been put forward in many institutions like hospitals and medical centers where it provides the best treatment recommendations to doctors. Watson has been deployed in several hospitals and medical centers, where it demonstrates its aptitude. Making highly accurate recommendations in the treatment of certain types of cancers, so helping in finding a cure. Using IBM Watson ML algorithms and learning, users can build analytical models and neural networks, training with their own data, that they can deploy for use in applications. So, this was all about the companies that use Machine Learning.

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