The Aspiration to the Everest

Aspiration to Everest

This is a Poetic video podcast of ‘The Aspiration to the Everest’ by Bobby Dsouza.

‘The Mountain changes You, it really does’ , this video is highly inspired by ‘The Laws of Teamwork’ by John Maxwell

The video attempts to show different people’s endeavours ,who dream to achieve reaching their Highest potential -The Everest!
The video displays heart aches & hardships & even death faced by people when they try to achieve Huge dreams alone! The video takes glimpses of the 2015 Epic movie Everest with a poetic rendition to inspire you to find strength in building great teams starting with your family, friends, teams, mentors, guide & people from whom you & I can learn from at every stage of the journey to our Everest.’For one is too small a number to achieve greatness’-John Maxwell

Booby D'SouzaBobby Dsouza is a Key note, motivational speaker, Writer, facilitator, corporate Trainer & a budding artist in song composition with a taste for music & dramatics .he has trained 12,670 plus people across India till date including 3000 students.

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Catch more of his motivational videos on his youtube channel and more on the speaker on his linkedin page 

Alternatively you can also check Bobby Dsouza’s Seminar on leadership roles and innovative strategies in organizations here.

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