Most Common Essay Writing Problems Students Face


There is not even one student who can say that writing an essay for him/her is just a piece of cake. Some assignments are easier to deal with. Some require more time and effort. We all face tasks that are just annoying and too difficult. Some students hate writing argumentative essays. Others prefer not to deal with descriptive ones. It is an individual process, but there are some problems common for high-school and college students around the world. Our list of those problems looks this way.

  • Problem #1. Lack of time. Even when you plan everything like you should, immediately after receiving an assignment, you cannot predict how your week or a month will go. Often, we make optimistic plans, thinking that we will work very efficiently every day, but it almost never happens. Students lack time for essay writing, and it is a top problem on this list. 
  • Problem #2. Lack of originality. Original thoughts are rare. You cannot expect from yourself to come up with fresh, original thoughts for every essay. It is just impossible. That is why you should first of all deal with the essays you are passionate about. If some topics annoy you, and you have zero original thoughts regarding that matter, it is better to address some cheap essay writing service for fast help before it’s too late. 
  • Problem #3. Lack of relevant “white” sources. The Internet is full of information. You see useful articles, seemingly good and relevant posts everywhere. But when it comes to actual essay writing, students understand that most of those sources cannot be used for writing an academic paper. Before you start on your research, check the general requirements for sources given by your college.
  • Problem #4. Banal topic. Well, either you’ve chosen a bad one, or your professor gave you something you didn’t want. Banal topics are not difficult to work with, but they are so boring that students often prefer to procrastinate till the last moment instead of researching them. Here, only one slogan can help you — Just do it.
  • Problem #5. Weak arguments. An ability to present strong arguments to support some idea has always been an admirable quality for any student. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with this particular gift. In an essay, you have to use at least 2-3 strong arguments to support your thesis. 
  • Problem #6. Social distractions. You have a great topic, you know where to take information from, you even have an idea about the supporting arguments which might impress your professor, but your friends are having a party tonight. Or your girlfriend/boyfriend is calling. Or your parents are in town. There are dozens of social distractions that influence the quality of your essay writing.
  • Problem #7. Lack of experience. We don’t envy you if it is your first rodeo. It is hard to get adjusted to essay writing, both organizationally and in terms of research and actual writing. Students, who lack experience, complain that textbooks are of no help, as they are too theoretical and don’t help to solve major problems.
  • Problem #8. Contradictory obligatory sources. Your professor gave you 3-4 sources, which you should use in your paper no matter what. It is good because you will spend less time on research. However, often such “gifts” are tricky, as they have contradictory arguments. You need to analyze them, choose the ones you support, and explain why others are not relevant or false.
  • Problem #9. Leaving too little time for proofreading. Proofreading is a valuable part of any academic writing. Sometimes it can take much more than you expect, especially if you find out that your Conclusions don’t fit the question/thesis set in the Introduction. It is better to allocate more time for proofreading and editing from the very beginning. If you don’t need it later, you can just watch something on Netflix.
  • Problem #10. Formatting issues. Formatting is annoying. You have to use formatting style guidelines (APA, MLA, etc.), check every in-text citation and reference, and format the Work Cited page. Use citation generators to make this task more bearable. 

It is very upsetting when you cannot finish your essay on time, or it happens to be of lower quality than you had to submit. Unfortunately, there is no 100% guaranteed way to write every essay perfectly. What you need to do is to define which problems you face more often, which of them are the most crucial, and work with those “narrow places” and sensitive issues. If you don’t have time to finish a required paper, it is always better to address a writing service for help than to procrastinate and then miss the deadline.