College email benefits that will make your life easy

8 college email benefits you should knowThis article contains a list of 8 college email benefits you should know and how you can avail these college email benefits. There are times when we find preview research documents or study notes that are just the right one but must be paid for to ‘unlock’ the full text. When such situations arise, we let these previous notes pass and look for other free means of accessing information on the internet. One, because we think that the internet is free and everything available there, including good-quality content, must be freely available and two – because we are college students and cannot afford to spend our pocket money by paying for something which may be helpful for only a limited period of time.

We don’t belong to the working population and it just does not seem right. Besides, we don’t know if it will provide us with what we are looking for once we purchase the full version.

The bad news is, we can not get the complete information for free, no matter what but the good news is, your university/college email id may come handy. You can avail discounts that many companies offer to college students provided that you have a university email id. Many organizations and companies that cater to students are aware of their circumstances and offer them service at a relatively low price or for free. What are these companies? What service do they offer? How can you avail them? Read on to know the college email benefits you didn’t know about :-

College email benefits

  1. For those who are interested in web development:
  • Github Student Developer Pack

    8 college email benefits you should know

When you intend to start your website, you usually look for web developers but they charge a hefty sum that may leave you penniless. Many students surrender the idea of creating their websites and take up traditional hobbies. Github is an internet based control repository system. It is a platform that lets you manage, protect and. code with the public. With Github, students can create their website, under their domain for absolutely free! Students must have a college email id in their name and they can start working on building their digital career. With Github’s student developer pack, you can avail a bunch of really cool tools and start building on projects without worrying about the cost. Also, for a customized domain name, you need to purchase it. But Github gives you free domains without charging anything. But remember, you must have a university email id.

Some of the tools included in student developer pack are:

  • Github private repositories: Github has open source licenses and it provides public repositories letting anyone from the public to view and use your code. This increases the chances of your code being copied. However, with Github’s education pack, you can get unlimited private repositories for free. All you need is a college email id.
  • Namecheap: For setting up a website, you need a unique domain name and this has to be purchased. Namecheap gets you free domains which mean you can set up a website with your name without spending a buck. Try using names and content that no other website has used and you may find yourself on the top of Google’s search engine whenever someone types something related to your website.
  • DigitalOcean: When you are creating a dynamic website and buying a domain, you want your website to be shown to the user. So if you are a student, Github provides you with $50 hosting credits without really worrying about web servers and routing requests. But if you are looking for a static website, you have to follow the simple steps:
  • Create your repository
  • Add html/css file
  • Enable Github pages from settings
  1. For those interested in design and animation
  • Autodesk

Design students! There’s good news for you! You can get a whole range of Autodesk’s software licenses for educational purposes. Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Unlimited for 3D animation and modeling provides a three-year license for students. This includes services that will help you with 3D animation such as Autodesk Maya, Softimage, Mudbox, Motion Builder, and 3DS Max. If you are studying in fields such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, AUTOCAD Civil 3D etc., you have a whole range of other software offered by Autodesk to take advantage of.

  • Sketch

Sketch is an application for editing vector graphics for Apple’s MacOS. It is worth $99 and is developed by the Dutch Bohemian Coding. Those with an educational license as a student, teacher or staff can get a 50% discount on purchasing Sketch. Also, there’s a free copy provided to Academic Institutions.

  1. Others


Dropbox is a free service for storage of large files and documents that can be availed by everyone. However, there are certain limits on how much data can be stored in Dropbox. After that limit is reached, you may not be able to store any more data. If you have a .edu email address registered in your name, these limits are not for you. With a .edu account, you get 500MB of more space. This lets you store more documents, photos, and videos. You can get college email benefits from other cloud providers as well.


We all know what Norton offers. Anti-virus, right? Not just anti-virus but some of the most robust security systems in the world! But the most robust security systems in the world comes with a cost. This cost is not applicable to students who have a college email id registered in their name. Norton anti-virus is available to students with a college email id at 50% discount.


Powtoon is known for creating strong presentations and beautiful videos. If you want to create impactful animated videos or presentations, you can try out Powtoon for absolutely no cost at all. Both students and teachers can make use of it to make learning fun and interesting. You can also check out their premium accounts dedicated to students and teachers that offer exclusive services.

PreziIf you want to create really beautiful presentations, check out Prezi, if you haven’t already. Prezi allows you to make presentations with Zooming User Interface (ZUI). It has exclusive features and amazing tools to aid you in making presentations. For an unlimited storage and powerful features, you can upgrade your account and avail special discounts with your college email id.

ConnectifyNow, this one is really cool. Connectify Hotspot lets you turn your single internet connection into a hub of Wi-Fi Hotspot which can be shared among your friends, teachers or the entire school! There are no limits on how many devices can be connected and with a college email id, you can avail flat 75% discount off its regular price.


LucidCharts allows users to create professional looking flowcharts, mindmaps, wireframes, diagrams, organizational charts and others. It is a web-based diagram software that is user-friendly and gives good output. If you have a valid .edu email address, you can use it for free! Without a college or university email id, you must pay for its service.

The perks and special discounts mentioned above are only a few of the vast number of others that are offered to anyone with a .edu email id. Other offers available to college students include online ticket booking, discount on concert tickets, travel etc. Other benefits provided to college students, teachers or anyone with a .edu email address include Amazon Prime 180 days trial, Microsoft Dreamspark, RazerStore, Viggle, RipTiger, MindSumo, My Uni DAys, Sumpto, Adobe CC discount, JetBrains etc.

Now go enjoy your college email benefits.

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