Top 7 Writing Courses In Mumbai

writing courses

If you’re an amateur in writing, you might want to find the best writing courses that’ll help you improve your skills and do better. Unfortunately, searching for the right one may be both challenging and confusing at the same time.

As of now, there are countless writing courses you can choose from. Such courses are designed to help you become a better writer and prepare you for the different challenges that might come your way. 

Every writer has various challenges to deal with, but fortunately, with some writing courses or tools, like a word counter tool, one’s writing skills can be improved significantly. In fact, a certificate or degree in writing can surely help writers have an edge from other writers out there.  

So, if you are living in Mumbai or want to take up writing courses near this place, below are some of the writing courses being offered:

1. Short Workshops on Fiction Writing at Bound Writer’s Retreat

Based in Mumbai, Bound has a team that consists of several faculty members, like Tara Khandelwal, the founder, and Michelle D’ Costa, a writer and an editor. It offers mentorships, workshops, and retreats for writers. 

Bound also supports writers with editorial services and caters to different types of writing, including non-fiction writing, screenwriting, fiction writing, and poetry.

2. Content Writing Course at Digital360

If you want to boost your content writing skills, Digital360 is considered as one of the best institutes. It takes pride in having thousands of students who are all being trained to cater the needs of digital industries. 

The structure of the course at Digital360 basically relies on the practical way of making the learners prepared by the different needs of today’s industry.

3. Creative Writing Course at the British Council

The British Council is renowned for teaching English. Its creative writing course takes learners from screenplays, short stories, poetry, and fiction to news reports, travel writing, and feature article writing. 

Through this course, students will be taught how to analyze various writing styles, how to write perfect essays,  and help them develop their own technique in writing. 

What makes this writing course a good option is that the British Council has experienced faculty members who are dedicated to guiding every student to be the best writer.

4. Writing Course at Xavier Institute of Communications

Anyone can take a writing course at Xavier Institute of Communications. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for affordability and a flexible schedule. 

Every two months, there are new classes being conducted by Himali Kothari and Renu Balakrishnan. They conduct a total of 6 two-hour sessions. 

The course is more like a group session and students write about various things and discuss them with one another.

writing courses

5. Himalayan Writing Bootcamp at Himalayan Writing Retreat

HWR (Himalayan Writing Retreat) is a residential facility that focuses on writing in Asia. Throughout the year, it attracts not just students, but also teachers across the globe. 

HWR’s Himalaya Writing Bootcamp is the most famous. It’s tailored to help students learn the significance of tight editing and build their story idea. Unlike other writing courses, this workshop takes learners to the publishing world.

6. Content Writing Strategy Course at Indian Institute of Digital Education

The institution has a total of three campuses around Mumbai and its headquarters is in Andheri West. Its content writing course is a certificate course that focuses on WordPress training and content strategy. It aims to help digital media aspirants learn the ways to strategize, generate, and curate content effectively. 

The course is packed with intensive assignments, enabling learners to take their digital career to a whole new level and be a better content writer.

7. Creative Writing Course at SACAC or Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communications

The course in this institution is a bit extensive and will provide you a chance to explore your writing skills on nonfiction and fiction. This means that you’ll learn writing short stories, poetry, novels, screenplay, journals, and travel articles. 

If you haven’t determined what specific field in writing you want to focus on, this creative writing course at SACAC can be a good start for you. However, an entrance exam is required for you to be qualified for this course.

The Bottom Line

If you want to pursue a career in writing or be a better writer in the future, taking one of those writing courses in Mumbai can make a huge difference in your journey. 

Just make sure to choose the right and best one suited for your needs or preferences. With the right writing course, you’ll be able to achieve all of your goals in writing, regardless of your specialization.