Love Side Effects : 4 Side effects of loving a person

Once upon a time, love signified a strong affectionate emotion that reminded people of how beautiful life was with it. As man evolved, the meaning of love changed hands and today, it is also known for its affection but with a pinch of hatred and heartbreak.

When we are pursuing our under graduation or graduation at college, we find a person, our special one whom we believe will decorate our lives with happiness. While it may be true in some cases, in most, it ends up in tears and a mark sheet marked with the alphabet F (Failed). Like Bollywood movies, where love seem perfect initially until the climax has reached. It begins on a positive note, as true as it can be but as time lapses, emotion dry down and love crashes like waves crashing on a stone-clad sea shore. In the receding days, a thin thread of actual affection remains but the lovers on both ends cling on to it and pull it with such momentum that both stumble before gaining balance.

A few balance themselves quite easily but the other lot is fractured with pain and non-erasable memory. The side effects of love comes into the limelight, warning lovers of how it usually is.

It is no wonder that I chose this topic, not only to remind people that everything comes with a price to pay but also to warn those who are willing to trek on this painfully exciting journey.

These are the love side effects you need to know about

Obsession of possession –

Love Side EffectsCouples believe that their other half is their prisoner and will only have to follow orders that they give. They feel the other one is their possession, like a toy is to a kid and they are so obsessed with it that a genuine ‘Hi’ to an old friend is likely to raise suspicion. Sometimes it’s obsession of safety, the continuous questions of ‘Where she is, what is she doing, what is she thinking’ that lingers.

Lack of concentration

When obsession has the better off you, you lose concentration. Nights seem to stretch and moments feel like hours when you are away from your special one. You can not concentrate on anything else. You lose appetite (in certain cases, you eat more), you lose your ambition as well as your friends. You thoughts are occupied with only one person and you are impatient to see him/her again. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to self destruction.

Raised expectations

– This one is self explanatory. When you are in love, you start expecting more. It varies from a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to extravaganza. It also catches on your boyfriend/girlfriend not talking to those you have fought with. There are expectations on impeccable comments like ‘You look great’ even if you aren’t.

Inevitable heartbreak

Ah! Here comes the climax. After a good number of arguments, mud-slinging on each other, they part ways. One escapes unscathed while one suffers all the pain. Nonetheless,  the duo suffer and resolve that each would never fall in love again. They become more determined than ever to pursue their ambition.

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