Robots- a boon or a bane

With the growing developments in the field of Artificial intelligence, the robots are becoming more human-like and are to understand and expressing emotion. If this continues at the same pace a time will come where everything would be controlled by robots.

Robots – The Debate

The robot will be everywhere which will significantly reduce the need for the human resource. Robots will be helping us in every field like banking, aviation, production and much more. Actually, it has already started to take over many sectors in India like in banking where HDFC has deployed robots to resolve customer grievances. But as it was rightly said with great power comes great responsibility.

Tesla’s founder Elon Musk and Facebook’s cofounder were in a war of words because of overdependence on Artificial Intelligence for our day to day work. Elon Musk in his statement said that if we rely more on Artificial Intelligence it would become a danger to us and on the other side Facebook founder feels that it will be beneficial for humans and will ultimately improve the standard of living of the individual.

On this issue many people have supported Elon Musk as they think over-dependence on anything beyond a certain limit is harmful and could be dangerous as well.



Robots – The Future 

If we take into consideration about the robots which we are using now, they all are manually controlled. The various places where we see its implementation are in automation, in the assembly line of car manufacturing industries and few others. With the inclusion of robots in production, it significantly increases the production as it can pull off asks more easily when compared to humans because they have more strength and implementation time of a particular task would be much less when compared to humans.

Talking about precision they will have far better precision than we humans and hence quality products with least defects can be produced at a faster rate. Now if we see cons related to the use of the robot in a workplace, they have limited functionality because when it comes to the well-defined job they can do that without any assistance but when asked to do unexpected or not well-defined jobs robots will mess up the job.

The main reason why robots of today’s generation are unable to do this kind of jobs because they lack intelligence and emotion which we can see in future robots. In India, for young minds who have interest in the field of robotics, they can pursue the course in colleges like Ajeenkya DY Patil University, UTM Shillong.

These courses offered by Ajeenkya DY Patil University, UTM Shillong will actually help Indians to grow in the field of robotics and will help them to equally contribute in the field of robotics when compared to western countries who are pioneers.


Would this amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics help humans or not? This is the biggest question researchers are facing now and is one of the most debated topics in recent days but no conclusion has been drawn.

Only time can tell…