Employer expectation from an HR aspirant

Wondering what would a potential employer be looking for in an aspiring potential employer? Read on as Subhankar Ghose, a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience shares quick points on what the employers typically expect from an HR aspirant.

Keep Yourself Updated

Most industries today, with the advent of internet and newer technologies, are very dynamic in nature. A basic HR requirement is for the professional to remain up to date with latest trends, and practices or they are likely to face lots of challenges and problems. Also, an important factor is the candidate should be aggressive and dynamic.

Very often in campus interviews, candidates are confused as to what it means to be aggressive as it is generally perceived to be a quality people in sales must have. But the truth is HR professionals need to sell themselves, their qualities and achievements well in order to see a growth up the ladder if they aspire to become CEO or Director of a company. Most professional lack this quality and hence remain constricted to becoming the Chief Relations Officer of the HR stream only.

Welcome One and All

An open-door policy is an important HR requirement. HR professionals must encourage people to walk in and feel free to interact with them, encouraging knowledge sharing. HR professionals must make an attempt to understand the other’s domain and aspects of Business Units. HR is not only about theoretical knowledge but also involves applied behavioral sciences, and psychology. Solutions will come when people talk to each other, and this will also result in lesser escalations.

So, an HR professional should be aggressive, dynamic, but with a presence of mind. What to talk, when to speak, how to speak and where to talk are important considerations. You need to be diplomatic or proactive depending on the situation. But whatever you do, you need to be closely associated not superficially.

Measurements Made

HR is a measurable department where activities can be measured. People in HR should be clear about goals, and the measurement criteria on how to evaluate goals to be achieved. An HR professional must remain updated- reading, writing habits, knowledge are very important tools of survival and growth in the field of HR. You need to have value addition as a stake holder and that will enable you to become valuable to your department and the company.

About Subhankar Ghose:

Subhankar is a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience spread across industries. He has been associated with companies like ICICI Prudential, Muthoot Pappachan Group and ABP News Network. He is leading the Human Resource Department responsible for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Compensation & Benefits and Employee Relations. He would be additionally taking care of Administration & Information Technology. He is also a member of ZOOM’s Executive Management Team. He is a Post Graduate in Human Resources and a Bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication. He is an alumni of IMT, NIT Silchar (formerly REC), Cotton College & Don Bosco School. He is a Life Time Member of Associations like AIMA, NHRDN, NIPM & ISABS (Associate Member).