How can IoT help prevent Cybercrime?

How can IoT prevent Cybercrime

Internet of Things focuses on protecting your internet-enabled devices that connect to each other from Cybercrimes and threats. IoT security is the safety component linked to the Internet of Things. It aims at protecting IoT devices and networks against cybercrimes. When we talk about connection, we usually think in terms of computers, and mobile phones. IoT has created a world where almost anything can be connected. But, this also means that more personal and business data is under a threat of security attack. Let’s talk about how can IoT help prevent Cybercrime.

IoT in Cybercrime

IoT devices make our lives better. Our day-to-day activities are more convenient. They allow us to keep a watch on our homes from afar, control our lights, and locks and better the security of our homes. It does many other things as well. But because smart devices have become so important in our lives, they leave us under the radar of cybercrime too. However, IoT devices, if used in the proper manner, can actually help prevent Cybercrime. How can IoT help prevent Cybercrime?

Changing Your Router’s Default Settings

First thing after you buy a Router: change your router’s default name and password. The factory-given name can give away the model of your router, making it easier for hackers to gain access. 

When you set up your router name and password – avoid words, numbers, or phrases that can reveal personal details. For example, avoid using street addresses, nicknames, or surnames. The more uncommon the name and the less relation it has to you, the better. 

You should never provide sensitive details on a public network. For instance, don’t do online shopping while you are using a public library’s Wi-Fi. It is obvious that someone could easily steal it.

However, IoT has made it easy to change your Router password and protect your device as well as yourself from harmful cyber attacks.

Use Strong Passwords

IoT has the power to save you from Cybercrimes if you co-operate a little. For example, use strong passwords. Strong passwords make it harder for your hackers to get your account details. Stronger, longer, and complicated the password, the better you’ll be able to protect yourself from the outside world.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while you create passwords. 

  1. You should use a combination of numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters and symbols in your password.
  2. Do not use the name of a pet, location, birth date, or anything that could be linked to your personal details.
  3. You should not use a common password for different accounts. 
  4. Make your password a long one. 
  5. Don’t keep a digital note of all your passwords. If that gets hacked, all your accounts are leaked.

Update Devices Regularly

Remember the “Update Later” button you dismiss every time there’s an update on your phone? It’s easy to push it aside, but you shouldn’t do that.

IoT devices were not created with great built-in security. Hence, it is crucial to continually update them. IoT devices are now releasing out software updates only to protect you from cybercrimes. It ensures that you’re up to date on the latest anti-malware and antivirus protection measures. They also help to clear up any security flaws in the older version of your device.

Hackers are continually changing their game, but so are IoT devices.

Two-Factor Authentication

In daily life, we use two-factor authentication. Each time we swipe a credit card, we need to provide our pin in order to prevent criminals from stealing our money.

The same way someone can steal your credit card, someone can also hack into your accounts and access important details. Hence, IoT has created the concept of Two-factor authentication in order to save you from harmful cyber attacks.

Two-factor authentication protects you by: allowing you to keep a tight check on who can access your accounts. It also enables you to act as a gatekeeper for who goes in and out. 

Prevent Cybercrime by Protecting your devices

These are some answers to the question of how can IoT help prevent Cybercrime. Further, to summarize, most modern IoT devices make it easy to start using the device as soon as you take it out of the box. But, before you pull your new smart cam out of its box or begin setting up your new Google Home, change your device’s security settings so you can stay better protected. It is important to utilize IoT the right way and protect yourself from Cybercrimes.

IoT in Cybercrime

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