What is Internet of Things wearable?

Internet of Things wearables

The use of smart wearables is spreading as electronic gadgets are miniaturized. Sensor technology is improving, and computing power growing. Besides, new materials, energy storage, designs, new technology, and production techniques are making improvements in performance, usability, and functionality. Hence, wearable solutions that offer smoothness into existing processes and systems are in high demand. Although wearable devices are not something very well known still it is slowly creating its space in the modern world. But, do you know what is the Internet of Things wearable? Let’s talk about it.

IoT wearables

Internet of Things wearable is just simple wearable devices with an internet connection. These can track, monitor, and analyze data as well as send it to another device, as per need. Some examples of the Internet of Things wearables are :

1. Smart NFC Ring

The smart NFC Ring looks like a normal ring. But, it is not. The ring is embedded with sensors, software, and network connectivity which allows the user to share or exchange data. It has smart technologies such as Program lock, business card share, automatic running, link share, net file share, soft voice, intelligent door lock. All functions just need a simple finger approach to work.

2. Fitness Tracker

There’s not enough time to look after our health and fitness in this busy world. Owing to the Internet of Things, we can now follow our daily activities easily with the latest fitness bands. These activity trackers or smart bands help track our steps, calories burned, and distance traveled or walked. Some fitness trackers can even monitor your sleep pattern and suggest healthy remedies. For example, some popularly used fitness tracker IoT wearables are Fitbit Inspire HR, Nike Fuelband SE, Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

3. Smart Band for Blinds

It is reported that there are 285 million visually challenged people worldwide. Out of these people, 39 million are completely blind. Many systems have been developed to help visually impaired people and improve their life. IoT wearable has great potential to change the lives of people with inabilities. Some IoT backed smart bands for the blind are the BrailleBand and Sunu Band.

4. Smart Nicotine Patch

Do you have an addiction to smoking, drugs, or alcohol? Do you want to get rid of this addiction? Then the wearable Internet of Things Technology will help you to get out of it.

These devices use Nicotine Replacement Therapy to deliver nicotine directly into the user’s bloodstream to regulate and stop the user. At first, the nicotine dose is high, but, as the 10-week program continues, the amount of nicotine decreases until the user gets completely rid of the substance. Furthermore, these devices monitor your routine, such as – what is your nicotine level, how much and when you smoke. Besides, it also motivates you by telling you about your improvement. You can connect the device to your mobile and get the information about the nicotine inside you on your mobile app. Then, if it detects new cravings in your body, it tells the app. The app, in turn, encourages you to avoid it immediately through text message.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet of Things wearables

As per research, two in ten consumers currently owns and uses wearable technology. Hence, people paying for goods with their smartwatches and tracking calorie burns on the treadmill with flicks of the wrist are becoming daily sights. However, there are pros as well as cons of using Internet of Things wearables. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Providing emergency care for the elderly, sick as well as people with disabilities.
  • Creating a fitter world with the help of fitness trackers.
  • Helping in getting out of addictions.
  • Increasing productivity & efficiency.
  • Data accuracy.


  • Since the devices mostly work on chargeable batteries, you may forget to charge it, and hence, it might run out of battery when needed the most.
  • The price of these devices is mostly high.
  • In addition to all these points, the charging mechanism is also twisted.
  • There are chances of error in the results since the devices are automatic.
IoT wearables

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