Best way to learn Internet of Things

Best way to learn Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things or IoT, basically? Internet of Things in simpler words means Things connected to each other with the help of Internet. Things here, refer to electronic devices. Just like human beings or any other animal, connects with one another, learns new habits and shares their stories with each other, some electronic devices too, connects with one another, shares and receives data with the help of Internet.

How to learn Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a vast field and it requires some amount of time to get hold of the entire concept. Some of the best ways to learn Internet of Things are :

1. Start doing Projects

Since IoT is not something that can just be mugged up very easily, it is important to understand the basic guidelines and protocols that binds the subject. For this, you have to start learning and implementing what you learn, by yourself. It might not sound very easy, but doing simple things like taking the help of the Internet and an embedded system capable of connecting to the internet would be a great start to your journey of learning Internet of Things.

For example, you are using your mobile phone to search for this article on the internet, it is the simplest form of doing an IoT project. Similarly, taking up more complex projects, completing it or maybe failing at it, too, would help you understand the concept of IoT better and help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

2. Online Training Programs

Most learners today have an easy access to the Internet and thus, it becomes easy to learn and acquire any skill you wish to on the go! Online training programs are a great start to your journey of learning Internet of Things. There are a vast number of institutes, famous Universities and educational sites imparting training with the help of video lectures, online assignments, live projects as well as certificate after completing the course. You can choose one from any of these paid or free training options and give a kick-start to your learning today!

Internet of Things

3. Taking up a course in IoT

If you are really keen on taking up Internet of Things as a career choice and want to delve further into this field, taking up IoT as a specialized course is a good choice. There are many renowned institutions, both in India and abroad that imparts education in this field, even the Indian Government has its own teaching organization (CDAC) where you can learn everything about the Internet of Things.

4. Online tutorials

Video tutorials on online sites like YouTube, is also a great way to start learning and diving into the world of IoT. You can not only learn a lot through these tutorials and get an insight about this field, but also, it will help and urge you to build your own projects from scratch. It is a great free way of learning and gaining knowledge about this field.

Best way to learn IoT

Finally, out of all the ways to learn about Internet of Things, the most preferred and recommended one is to learn by yourself, gain as much knowledge as you can, carry out and test what you have learnt and keep learning. There’s never an end to gaining knowledge and success comes in only when you don’t quit learning!

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