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top 10 reading libraries in meerut

Top 10 Reading Libraries To Visit In Meerut

In the era of Kindle and readily available pdfs, there are still some of us who find the slightest joy in smelling the intoxicating scent of a new book or in the touch of turning the pages and unveiling the excitement of the climax as you see the left side of the book surpassing the right hand side and for others we are constantly finding a peaceful place to study, without any interruptions.

For people like these in Meerut, the wait is over. This article gives you ten libraries you can visit in Meerut and everything you need to know about them,

Top 10 Reading Libraries In Meerut

First Library you must visit in Meerut

Government District Library

Government District Library

  • Ambience:

1.It is a quiet space with tables and chairs arranged in a symmetrical manner.

2.Lighting and furniture seems fine but the place has no air conditioning facility.

3.Provides a space for approximately 150-200 people.

4.Remains crowded usually except on Sundays.Girls usually leave by 3:30 pm.

  • Timings:

1.The library opens at 11:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm .

2. There are no confines on the amount of time one can spend in the library.

3.It remains closed on every Tuesday and the second Monday of the month.

  • Fees: Since it is a government library, it’s free of cost.
  • Sitting Arrangement: The library provides collective seating, however, men may suffer due to overcrowding.
  • Why to visit: If you’re looking for a peaceful place to study with a few friendly interactions and without paying a single penny, this is the place for you.
  • Contact and Address: Located at Begum Bridge Road, Near Ganga Plaza, Meerut- 25001, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Phone No. : 0121-2649935

Second Library you must visit in Meerut

Gurudev Library

Gurudev Library

  • Ambience:   1. A comfortable study place for students preparing for various exams.

2. Provides great lighting and furniture.

3. An air conditioned hall for approximately 500 students.

5.A quiet space with no intrusion, where eating is prohibited within the library. Along with it the place is super clean.

6.Provides with RO water and lockers.

7.No overcrowding due to the different time slots provided.

  • Timings: The library provides you with four time slots for seven days in a week, amongst which you can choose any. These are:

8 am- 2pm, 2pm-8pm, 4pm-10pm, 8am-6pm.

  • Fees: The registration fees is ₹100 to be submitted along with a photograph and Aadhar Card and for the first two time slots it’s ₹600 and for the last two, it is ₹500.
  • Sitting Arrangement : There is a separate seating Arrangement so you can enjoy your privacy, with comfortable seats and a cubicle.

Also provides separate rows for guys and girls.

  • Why to visit: If you’re looking for a comfortable place to study with additional perks like Wifi, newspapers and magazines, then Gurudev library is your destination.
  • Contact: Located at the basement of Sunil Complex, opposite R.G. Degree College, Western Kutchery Road, Meerut.
  • Phone No.: +9108650914614

Third Library you must visit in Meerut

Sanjeevini Library

Sanjeevini Library

  • Ambience: A place absolutely near to most coaching centres in the city, provides a serene atmosphere with fine lighting and no overcrowding, also provides wifi and free newspapers.

Holds the capacity for approximately 300-500 people.

  • Timings: The library gives you five time slots to choose from, these are:

6am-2pm, 2pm-10am, 8pm-6am, 6am-10am, 6pm-10pm.

  • Fees: The library charges ₹700 for first two time slots and ₹500 for the last three time slots provided and charges for provided lockers are ₹100 for regular lockers and ₹150 for premium lockers.
  • Sitting Arrangement: The library securely provides separate sitting cubicles with a light bulb on each one of them.
  • Why to visit: If you want a place for long sitting hours and especially if you’re a night owl, this is the library for you.
  • Contact: 27/28, Lower Ground Floor, Krishna Avenue, Nehru Road, Near Kutchery Paul, Meerut.
  • Phone No.: 0121-4333115

Fourth Library you must visit in Meerut

J.S. Library

J.S. Library

  • Ambience: A place where you will find all and any book of every genre and type, ranging from novels to guides or any study material.
  • Timings: The library opens at 11:00 am- 2:30 pm and then at 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm, it remains closed on Wednesdays.
  • Fees: The lending charges for every book is ₹3 for every three days or ₹500 monthly charges.
  • Sitting Arrangement: There are a few stools and benches arranged in the library where one can sit and read, however lending would be a more comfortable option.
  • Why to visit: If you’re searching for a book and you cannot find it anywhere, just step into this library.
  • Contact: Chikara Complex, New Mohanpuri, Meerut.
  • Phone No +919411028523

Fifth Library you must visit in Meerut

Meerut College Central Library

Meerut College Central Library

  • Ambience: The library belongs to Meerut college has a peaceful college environment, with approximately 1,62,576 books.

It has the seating capacity for approximately 200 students.

  • Timings: The library opens from 9:00 am-5:00 pm for 350 days, remains off on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Fees: The library provides open access to everyone.
  • Why to visit: The library belongs to one of the largest colleges in the city and has a rich collection of books and journals.
  • Contact: Commissionary Chowk, Jawahar Quarters, Meerut.
  • Phone No : 0121-4012002

Sixth Library you must visit in Meerut

Swami Vivekanand Library

Swami Vivekanand Library

  • Ambience: The University has a central air conditioned library with more than 25000 books, 150 international, 250 national and 400 e-journals.

It also has other aids, internet facilities and subscription to various E- Journals.

  • Timings: Open for 24 hours everyday.
  • Fees: One does not need to pay any charges but you would require a pass for entering into the premises.
  • Why to visit: If you’re particularly from  science background and have not been able to find your requisite in other libraries, this is the place for you.
  • Contact: Bhavya Palace- opposite Patanjali Store, Pallavpuram- phase 2, Meerut
  • Phone No: +918410409998

Seventh Library you must visit in Meerut

Adhyan Library

Adhyan Library

  • Ambience: A well disciplined arena for students in one of the busiest markets of the city, with lockers available within the library.

The library makes your learning more comfy with free wifi and all the basic amenities.

  • Timings: The library is open for 24 hours, seven days a week, one can choose within the provided time slots,

You would see the minimal footsteps at around 2pm-8pm.

  • Fees: The charges are in accordance with the chosen timings which shall include:

For 8:00 am- 2:00 pm and 2:00pm- 8:00pm, they cost you ₹600 and for 6:00 pm- 12:00pm the charges are ₹500.

  • Sitting Arrangement: The library provides you with a facility of separate seating with chambers for each student.
  • Why to visit: It is the first library in the area that meets all the expectations of a well decorated place, so now the students residing there do not have to travel across the city.
  • Contact: 2nd Floor, Shivam Complex, besides Kankar Khera flyover police chowki, Meerut.
  • Phone No. +91 88595 11857

Eighth Library you must visit in Meerut

Priyanav R2 Library

Priyanav R2 Library

  • Ambience: A silent place for students, with air conditioned halls and all the basic facilities.

Additionally provides a separate area for girls with 30-35 seats reserved at all hours.

  • Timings: The library remains open for 24 hours, seven days a week.

It remains a bit over crowded during 10am to 4pm.

  • Fees: It would cost you around ₹500 to ₹600 for studying six to eight hours in a day.
  • Sitting Arrangement : The library provides separate cubicles for all the students along with newspapers and magazines.
  • Why to visit: An easily accessible place, most probably near your coaching centre with a friendly atmosphere and all necessities fulfilled.

This library takes special care for the comfort of girls.

  • Contact: Shivam complex, Nehru Road, Meerut Kutchery, Meerut.
  • Phone No. +9191939 81828

Ninth Library you must visit in Meerut

Global Library

 Global Library

  • Ambience: An absolute noise free environment with minimal students despite of being located at the most overcrowded place in the city.

The library has only 48 seats in all to avoid populating the place.

  • Timings: The library remains open from 8:30 am to 6:00 am the next day.
  • Fees: It will cost you ₹500 for any number of hours you study during the day and ₹700 during the night from 8:30 pm to 6:00 am.
  • Sitting Arrangement: The library facilitates you with separate seating, air conditioned hall and a lift.
  • Why to visit: If you have your coaching at PL Sharma Road and don’t have the time to go home and come back, this is the library for you, with magazines and newspapers they also provide the tranquility that we need.
  • Contact: 220, Near Kamdhenu Dairy, PL Sharma Road, Meerut.
  • Phone No: +9181718 28888

Tenth Library you must visit in Meerut

Raja Mahindra Pratap Library

Raja Mahindra Pratap Library

  • Ambience: The library is a humongous library spread over three floors having the capacity to contain more than 1000 students.

Inspite of which the library is very restful with adequate furniture.

Usually the ground floor is the most crowded one.

  • Timings: The library keeps open from 8:00 am-12:00 am and on Sundays the timings range from 8:00am- 8:00 pm.
  • Why to visit: The library being the oldest one in the city has amazing collection of books which a bookworm would love to read and a perfect library for competitive exams.
  • Contact: CCS UNIVERSITY, Ramghiri, Meerut.

We hope you find the library of your dreams, have a quietude time ahead.