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top 10 reading libraries in indore

Top 10 Reading Libraries To Visit In Indore 2019

If you are a bibliophile, then libraries are the best place for you. It is true even in today’s world of smartphones and kindle. The book lovers would always take out time to read the books either by visiting the library or from the comfort of their home in an online and offline mode. There is a saying, “You are the company you keep.” This is true because they give us the wisdom about what is right and what is wrong, that too without expecting anything back from us. Paperback books should be gifted to the young kids who are too good at tapping their smartphones. Moreover, kids imitate what they see around them. Therefore, if they notice their parents reading a book or take them to the library, then they will also inculcate the habit of reading books.

The culturally rich city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore has rich historical relevance and the residents are warm as well as vivid readers. Considering this fact there are some amazing libraries and reading rooms in Indore that attracts the readers not only from Indore but also from other parts of the country.

The following libraries in Indore have the best collection of books and electronic resources:

Top 10 Reading Libraries In Indore 2019

First Library you must visit in Indore

The Little Free Library, Indore

The Little Free Library, Indore

You do not need library cards or fee to be a member of this library. It is a modern day innovation.

It is a kind of pop – up library that can be established by a book enthusiast in their home, office or a public space like a garden. There are more than fifty thousand Little Free Libraries worldwide. Mrs. Taruna Pagrani, a homemaker and activist brought it here in Indore, sharing her son’s love for reading. Mrs. Pagrani’s son, Nishchay is the official ambassador of the Little Free Library, Indore.

These pop – up boxes are stocked up with a plethora of books from every genre. An individual can donate, read or borrow books from the library.

Address: 208, Saket Nagar, Ahead of Pappu Sanchi Point.

Second Library you must visit in Indore

Central Library, Park Road, Indore

Central Library: Park Road, Indore

This Library has books on current affairs, fiction, non-fiction and many other genres.

If you are preparing for the exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, then this place is meant for you.

The library has an aura for studying. It has a pleasant environment to entice the readers. The readers can study here, with full concentration.

This library has a Computer Laboratory with free internet facility for the students. The students can access various journals by using the internet facility.

The members can keep the book for a month with a quota of three books for General / OBC students.

There are many options available with reserved book bank for the students from SC/ST background. They can keep three books for a semester and two books for a month.

A fine of rupee one is charged each of the delayed day.

The library opens at 10 am in the morning.

Phone number of the library is 07312582511.

The complete address of the library is Plot No. 23, Park Road, Behind Director’s Office, Indore, Madhya Pradesh:[UJ1]  452003.

Third Library you must visit in Indore

V.G. Classes: third floor, Shree Vardhan Complex, Rnt Marg, Indore

V.G. Classes: third floor, Shree Vardhan Complex, Rnt Marg, Indore

The reading room attracts all the like-minded people to study. It is especially for all those people with a curious mind.

This reading room has all the facilities like clean drinking water, cafeteria and air conditioner for its members so that they can comfortably study.

This reading room is well connected in terms of transportation. This makes it accessible to students from far areas.

It is open for students from all the streams. Here, the books from science, commerce and humanities are available.

The timing is from 6 am to 9 pm. It is close only on Sundays.

Fourth Library you must visit in Indore

Indian Institute of Management, Indore Learning Centre, Rao Pithampur Road

Indian Institute of Management: Indore Learning Centre, Rao Pithampur Road

This state-of-the-art knowledge resource room has huge collection of books predominantly related to the Management domain besides having online databases also.

The library is well lit with one of the best infrastructures besides being disable friendly too.

It also has numerous journals, newspapers, novels and books related to different competitive exams that makes it ideal.

The library inside the magnificent campus has lush green surrounding that fills the heart and mind of the reader with peace.

It also has Wi-Fi facility for its members so that they can also study online and find the solutions of their doubts within fraction of seconds.

The library opens at 9 am to 10 pm, except for Sundays when it opens from 2pm to 10pm.

Fifth Library you must visit in Indore

Ishwar Library and Self Study Centre, Malhar Ganj, Indore

Ishwar Library and Self Study Centre: Malhar Ganj, Indore

It is a place where one can have peaceful learning. This library has a positive aura for studying.

Students from different domains come to this library to prepare notes for their exams.

It has a very vibrant ambiance that keeps the minds of the readers fresh.

Ishwar Library is open for 24hours in a day.

The complete address of the library is 30/1 Chippa Bakhal Malharganj, Madhya Pradesh 452002.

Sixth Library you must visit in Indore

Swadhyay Library, Samrat Ashok Nagar, Indore

Swadhyay Library: Samrat Ashok Nagar, Indore

Swadhyay Library has compact individual sitting cabin for all its members. The students can make good use of it.

It has books from different genres such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, magazines and Daily Newspapers.

It also has Wi-Fi facilities available for all its members to access various online journals and write up.

The students can download audios and visuals to make the process of learning interesting. This leads to perfect understanding of the concepts.

The Library opens at 8am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. It is also open on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Even working students can make use of these library timings.

The complete address of the Library is 2, Samrat Ashok Nagar, near ICICI Bank, Bhawarkua Main Road, Indore, MP 452001.

Seventh Library you must visit in Indore

MK Study Point Library, Moti Tabela, Indore

MK Study Point Library: Moti Tabela, Indore

This library has several reading rooms to accommodate students to help them study.

It has various books belonging to Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, Sports and Political Magazines.

Here the students can study together and can exchange their ideas with each other to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

The library opens at 6 am and closes at 11:59 pm from Monday to Sunday that is throughout the week.

The email id is

Eighth Library you must visit in Indore

Central Library, DAVV Takshila Parisar, Indore

Central Library: DAVV Takshila Parisar, Indore

The library is situated near SOC and canteen of DAVV.

The library membership is Rs.300 for each session and Rs.1000 is kept as security deposit; the exception to this is the scholars perusing doctorate.

The competitive books for different examinations are available on the second floor.

Information and Technology Centre is situated inside the library where the students need password to access internet facility. These days, internet is very helpful to clear the concepts of the students within fraction of seconds. Students can also download plethora of e-journals, e-books, e-newspapers and educational videos.

The library offers study room to the students.

The environment is very peaceful for self-study where students have no distraction at all.

This library comprises of all genres of educational books except novels.

It is a good place to prepare for your university and competitive examinations.

Various herbs and shrubs surround the library making it eco-friendly spreading the amicable and pleasant vibes all around the premises.

The library opens at 9 am.

The complete address of the library is DAVV Takshila Parisar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001.

Ninth Library you must visit in Indore

Maa Khodiyaar Student Library and Reading Hall, Indore

Maa Khodiyaar Student Library and Reading Hall, Indore

The speciality of this library is that it is open for 24 hours in a day. It makes it even more accessible to the working professionals.

The staff members are well behaved and student friendly. Thus, the students can approach them easily with an expectation to solve their queries.

It is one of the best air-conditioned libraries in Indore.

The library has adequate infrastructure to suffice the requirements of the students.

The library membership fee is comparatively more than that of any other neighbouring libraries.

The complete address of the library is 29, Professor Colony, Bhawarkuan, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001.

Tenth Library you must visit in Indore

Library, Medi – Caps University, Indore

Library, Medi – Caps University, Indore

As a backbone of the university, the library provides facilities in learning, teaching, research and handling consultancy projects.

The library is computerized and a member of DELNET, New Delhi.

The library has eco-friendly environment to favour the learning levels of the learners.

 The library has an area of about 35000 square feet.

This place is stocked with more than 90,000 books, magazines, reference articles, archives, encyclopaedic collections, and also has access to more than 300 national and international journals.

In addition, the library has a flow of newspapers, magazines and journals on subjects related to Management, Science and Technology.

Moreover, a good collection of Video Cassettes and Compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs, for having the exposure to the latest technological developments is also available. Therefore, it makes this library popular among the students and its members.

The complete address is Medi – Caps University, National Highway 3, Indore , Madhya Pradsh.