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top 10 reading libraries in chennai

Top 10 Reading Libraries to visit in Chennai

Chennai, the fourth largest city in the India, is known to have a magnificent past and an early metropolitan dream. It is famous for its towering skyscrapers, scenic and magnificent beaches and is rich in south Indian culture. Such a happening city also has various students who have lots of fun but also need to study for a future as bright as this beautiful city. Here are the top 10 libraries that students can turn to when concentration, patience and books are needed:

First Library you must visit in Chennai

Roja Muthiah Research Library

Roja Muthiah Research Library

This library was founded in 1964 and provides research studies regarding various topics including humanities, Tamil literature and social sciences. It is also known to have a pleasant staff that helps you full heartedly and is also considered the heart and soul of knowledge because of its calmness and quietness. It opens at 9:30 am in the morning and closes at 5:30 pm in the evening and takes an off on Sundays.

Second Library you must visit in Chennai

Central Library Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Central Library Indian Institute of Technology Madras

This library has a wonderful collection of books from science to literature, a separate kids section, wifi and is air conditioned with plug ins for charging laptops. It is also called a modern library because of features like self book borrowing and online book search facilities. It is also a suitable place to study for upcoming exams as it has a store of semester books for college students. It opens at 8am on weekdays and at 9 am on weekends and it closes by 11:59pm on weekdays and 5:30pm on weekends.

Third Library you must visit in Chennai

Chennai mathematical institute library

Chennai Mathematical Institute Library

All mathematics lovers can always find a home in this 24 hour long open library. This place helps students develop their skills and knowledge in mathematics by providing them with original and the newest books explaining different mathematical topics. Not only is it equipped with wonderful amount of maths book collection but also has a fair amount of physics and computer science. It is also labelled as a calm and peaceful place to learn and read about various formulas and theorems on a daily basis.

Fourth Library you must visit in Chennai

JustBooks Library

JustBooks Library

This library is not like any other physical library, this is an online library where you can login anytime, rent a book and it will be delivered to you for a period of time and later will also be picked up by the library after you are done reading the books. It has a moto which says the more you read, the less you pay which stands true according to the number of books you rent for yourself. It has over 2 million books to choose from and has free door delivery. It is indeed a gift to the students who would love to curl up in their blanket to read and learn.

Fifth Library you must visit in Chennai

Anna centenary library

Anna Centenary Library

This library has earned its title as the largest library in the whole of Asia with a towering 9 floored building with a total area of 30950 square metres. It contains the capacity to keep more than 1.5 million books, has a separate corner for kids, has a coffee shop inside, is fully air conditioned, properly ventilated and is also a serene and calm place to study for various competitive exams. It opens at 9am in the morning and closes by 8pm at night.

Sixth Library you must visit in Chennai

Connemara public library

Connemara Public Library

This 19th century constructed library definitely shows a unique look in its architecture and its wonderful collection of books ranging from educational to kids’ books is no joke. Friendly staff, proper water service, air conditioned and a calm ambience can pull anyone’s attention to visiting this library. Timings here are from 8am in the morning to 8pm in the evening.

Seventh Library you must visit in Chennai

Little Love Library

Little Love Library

Little love library stands true to its name regarding its members loving the diverse collections of books available is various genres. This library holds storytelling sessions, silent reading clubs, book reviewing sessions etc. It can be called a library with an interactive and knowledge sharing ambience. Its usual opening hours are from 10am-8pm and takes an off on Sundays.

Eighth Library you must visit in Chennai

Vihara study hall

Vihara Study Hall

Chennai accomplished its first study hall in 2015 by the name Vihara study hall. It is fully air conditioned, wifi enabled, has separate rooms for aspirants of various competitive exams and also allows you to bring your own books and notes for exams. The aim of this study hall is to provide you with a quiet atmosphere and longer working hours i.e. 6am-11pm.

Ninth Library you must visit in Chennai

Pravara study hall

Pravara Study Hall

Pravara study hall is known for its good ambience, guides and easy to find location. Near Thirumanagalam junction, the study hall is well- maintained and allows you to study in quiet from 7am-10pm.

Tenth Library you must visit in Chennai

Madras study hall

Madras Study Hall

Madras study hall has everything that a perfect study hall could aim for- a conference room, separate cabins for studying individually, roof on terrace for dining and decision purposes and a high speed internet. This place provides you the most enabling atmosphere to concentrate and learn from 7am-10pm.

These, according to me, are the most ideal places to study. Can you suggest places that you think are the best to concentrate and absorb knowledge in the most fruitful manner?