Youngest IAS Officer

Youngest IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh

Ansar Shaikh The Youngest IAS Officer

UPSC civil service exam is viewed as probably the hardest exam in the nation. Lakhs of individuals take the exam and a couple hundred make the cut eventually. Just a legitimate blend of difficult work, direction, and relentlessness can help UPSC hopefuls break the IAS exam. Numerous up-and-comers, in spite of having all the solaces and instructing that cash, can purchase, neglect to clear the IAS exam. In any case, some decided and fanatically constant up-and-comers make progress in spite of all chances stacked against them. Every day Comprehensive News Analysis. One such moving individual is IAS Topper Ansar Ahmad Shaikh, who cleared the UPSC 2016 in his absolute first attempt and he became the youngest IAS Officer of India

He made sure about AIR 361 and he was only 21; beating Roman Saini who was 22 when he turned into an IAS official. He is as of now filling in as Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) at Dinhata, Cooch Behar, West Bengal.

  • Ansar is the child of Yonus Shaikh Ahmad, an autorickshaw driver from Jalna’s Shelgaon town in the Marathwada area of Maharashtra.
  • His mom worked in the fields.
  • His more youthful sibling, Anees exited school in standard VII. Anees worked in a carport to help the family and help his sibling plan for the IAS exam.

Points from Ansar Shaikh

  • Examination year-He cracked the UPSC 2016 exam in his first attempt.
  • Age- He was 21 years old thus becoming the youngest IAS officer of India.
  • Locality– Shelgaon village in Maharashtra’s Jalna district.
  • RankAIR 361
  • posting – At the Department of MSME and Textiles, Government of West Bengal. Ansar Shaikh IAS is serving as Officer on Special Duty (OSD).
  • salary – Now the basic pay of entry-level IAS officers is ₹ 56,100.

Ansar Shaikh IAS Preparation Journey

Ansar Shaikh has a place from a family where they were battling every day for procuring enough to take care of themselves. Coming from that foundation where schooling was unquestionably not on the need list, the achievement that the 21-year-old kid got is truly excellent.

“Schooling has never been a watchword in my family. My dad, a cart driver, has three spouses. My mom is a subsequent spouse. My more youthful sibling exited the school and my two sisters were offered at an early age. At the point when I revealed to them that I had cleared the UPSC and probably will be an IAS official, they were staggered and stunned.” – These assertions came out from the most youthful IAS official of India when he was portraying his homegrown circumstance.

Ansar Shaikh has consistently been a brilliant understudy all through his school and school days. His class ten board test mark sheet is celebrated with 91% imprints and in his graduation, he made sure about 73% imprints. He did his graduation from Fergusson College, Pune.

UPSC Preparation Strategy of Youngest IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh

#Strategy 1

Ansar Shaikh, the IAS official focused on his discretionary subject planning in the initial a half year. He picked his graduation subject, political theory as his discretionary.

#Strategy 2

The overall investigations papers were his concentration for the following a half year. He continually kept himself refreshed with the most recent current undertakings.

#Strategy 3

Ansar Shaikh IAS at that point finished overhauling and furthermore centred around the excess segments of the mains paper, in the following three months.

#Strategy 4

The most youthful IAS official of India gave nine months for his UPSC prelims planning and committed the following 100 days for his UPSC mains arrangement.

#Strategy 5

Over the most recent 40 days, he kept himself occupied in the groundwork for the last and last round, the character test round.

What did He say About his IAS Journey

  • UPSC Topper Ansar has stated, “I was underestimated by three distinct classifications. I am from a retrogressive lacking locale, I hail from a poor financial foundation and I have a place with a minority network. I will handle every one of these issues as an executive since I have seen these issues nearby other people.”
  • Ansar Ahmed Shaikh IAS said on his prosperity “There is no option in contrast to difficult work. During my battle, my companions helped me a ton intellectually and monetarily and even my instructing foundation deferred a bit of charge because of my poor monetary condition”.

Hard work, family and friends – played their part in leading Ansar to his dream job.

  • However, more than anything, the mentality separates him from others – the demeanour to never withdraw and be ardent in attempting to accomplish your fantasy.

IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh interview

Follow These Tips to Get Succeed in Your IAS Journey


Know Why You Want to Become an IAS officer

Prior to beginning the UPSC readiness, wannabes must be totally clear about their ultimate objectives. Make certain about the reasons why you need to turn into an IAS official. You ought to have an all encompassing response to this. Dealing with this explanation and receive techniques as needs be. Furthermore, it will likewise help when you sit for you IAS meet as the specialists will be searching for specific characteristics in an up-and-comer, boss among them – clearness of objectives. To understand what different characteristics are required, allude to our IAS Interview article.


Imagine Your Goals

Turning into an IAS official is definitely not a simple assignment. The UPSC hopefuls need to tears and sweat to accomplish their objectives. Record your objectives, the explanations for it and glue in on your divider. Peruse similar a few times prior to nodding off around evening time, and after getting up in the first part of the day. At the point when you feel sluggish and mind veer off from your objectives, attempt to envision your objective for certain minutes. Doing this will guarantee that you will consistently stay enduring in your undertakings.


Hard Work and Constant Focus

The lofty post of IAS can be accomplished uniquely through nonstop difficult work and consistent core interest. Without both of these two characteristics, one can’t achieve anything. The IAS test schedule is huge and wide with different parts. One ought to receive an appropriate methodology and buckle down towards their objective and furthermore pursue actualizing those techniques to break the test.


Positive Mindset

In the event that you take a rundown of effective IAS officials in India, all have a few or other official like-quality. It fluctuates starting with one individual then onto the next. One of the significant official like-quality is an inspirational attitude. It is basic to convey an uplifting mentality during UPSC readiness. Hopefuls should have an inspirational mentality and with a propensity to remain quiet under tension or during capricious conditions. This will assist every single hopeful with ending up being more mindful and mindful of chances that will go to your bearing, and which will assist you with achieving your point.


Willpower and Self-Discipline

Self discipline infers, an energetic confirmation to achieve something that is represented inconvenient. It is a significant factor for accomplishing the fantasy about turning into an IAS official. The wannabe must exercise your resolution and self-control to remain zeroed in on the objective. UPSC wannabes should make an effort not to allow anything to redirect you or make you go deflect from your point.



The wannabe should push ahead decisively. The path towards breaking the IAS Exam is loaded up with snags. You should conquer them regardless of the obstacles in your excursion or you will see no improvement. The people who drive forward with diligence succeeds.



Quietness is a kind of contemplation where you concentrate your brain and soul toward an objective. The hopeful ought to maintain a strategic distance from the free talk. By staying away from the free talk they can spare a lot of energy and time. Competitors should zero in on doing, not on talking. An overabundance of speaking with others about your longings and points spread your interior powers. Sort out some way to think and channel your energy toward achieving your goal.


Ansar Shaikh, the most youthful IAS official of India broke all the past records by clearing the hardest test in the absolute first endeavour and that too at quite an early age. His devotion and difficult work made him stand apart from the group.
Ansar Shaikh is very dynamic on Instagram and is frequently observed sharing uplifting and useful posts that support the inspiration level of youthful competitors.
This rousing excursion of Ansar Shaikh will function as inspiration before UPSC prelims 2020 for all the competitors. This rousing excursion reflects how dreams can materialize in the event that you put a little exertion and prepare yourself to work somewhat harder.