UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (10-02-2020)

upsc exam current affairs 10-02-2020

Highlights |UPSC Exam Current Affairs 10-02-2020

UPSC exam current affairs 10-02-2020 The following article contains all the updated events and news for IAS Preparation. Our daily IAS Current Affairs and News cover the most important topics to give precise information to the reader and IAS Aspirants.

  • Supreme court on reservations in Job
  • Four-fold jump in Li-ion battery imports since 2016
  • Pangolins be the source of novel coronavirus
  • Storm, named ‘Ciara’ 
  • Science & Technology

Importance of Current Affairs in IAS Coaching

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UPSC Exam Current Affairs 10-02-2020 are followed in the part below:

UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (10-02-2020)

Supreme court on reservations in Job

Part of: GS Prelims –Polity and GS-II- Judiciary

In news:

  • The Supreme Court has decided that booking in the matter of advancements out in the open posts is certifiably not a principal right.
  • A state can’t be constrained to offer the share on the off chance that it decides not to.
  • No mandamus can be given by the court guiding state governments to give reservations.

From Prelims Point of View :

Prerogative writs:

  • “privilege writs” which means the exceptional writs or requests conceded by the Sovereign when customary lawful cures are lacking privilege writs are habeas corpus, mandamus, disallowance, certiorari, and quo warranto.
  • In India, the Supreme Court can give privilege writs under Article 32 of the Constitution, and the High Courts under Article 226.
  • The writ can likewise be given against mediocre courts or other legal bodies when they have would not practice their locale and play out their obligation.

Mandamus :

  • Mandamus truly signifies ‘we direction’.
  • When given to an individual or body, the writ of mandamus requests some action on their part
  • It arranges the individual or body to play out an open or semi-open obligation, which they have wouldn’t perform, and where no other sufficient lawful cure exists to uphold the presentation of that obligation.
  • The writ can’t be given except if the legitimate obligation is of open nature, and to whose presentation the candidate of the writ has a lawful right.
  • Under Article 361, mandamus can’t be conceded against the President or Governor of a State,

Four-fold jump in Li-ion battery imports since 2016

Part of: GS Prelims –Science & Tech  and GS-III- Technology

In news:

  • India has quadrupled its imports of lithium-particle (Li-particle) batteries.
  • lithium-particle are imperative for driving the scope of gadgets from cellphones to electric vehicles
  • India needs producing limit;
  • India is the world’s biggest merchant
  • Imports from China, Japan and South Korea
  • To advance the indigenous improvement of such batteries, the Union Cabinet in 2019 endorsed a program, called a National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery
  • Electric vehicles are required to represent a critical offer in the development of the Li-particle battery request in India.
  • The legislature has reported ventures worth $1.4 billion to make India one of the biggest assembling centre points for electric vehicles by 2040.

From Prelims point of view :


  • Battery-powered battery.
  • Utilized for versatile gadgets and electric vehicles
  • Created by John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham, Rachid Yazami and Akira Yoshino
  • Lithium particles move from the negative terminal through an electrolyte to the positive anode during release, and back while charging.
  • Li-particle batteries utilize an intercalated lithium compound as the material at the positive cathode and normally graphite at the negative terminal.
  • There is a security danger since they contain a combustible electrolyte, and whenever harmed or erroneously charged can prompt blasts and flames.
  • Samsung had to review Galaxy Note 7 handsets following a lithium-particle fire
  • Prescribe and drive the techniques for transformative versatility and Phased Manufacturing Programs for EVs, EV Components and Batteries.
  • A Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP) will be propelled to confine generation over the whole EV esteem chain.
  • Decide the shapes of PMP, and will settle the subtleties of such a program.

SRC: Basix

National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery:

  • The subtleties of the worth expansion that can be accomplished with each period of localisation will be settled by the Mission with an unmistakable Make in India procedure for the electric vehicle parts just as a battery.
  • The Mission will facilitate with key partners in Ministries/Departments and the states to incorporate different activities to change versatility in India.

Electric vehicles:

  • An electric vehicle utilizes at least one electric engines or footing engines for a drive.
  • An electric vehicle might be controlled through the independent battery, sunlight based boards or an electric generator to change over fuel to power.

*** E vehicles and policy related to it will be soon dealt in the mains section

Pangolins be the source of novel coronavirus

Part of: GS Prelims –Environment  and GS-III- Conservation

In news:

  • Pangolins could be liable for the spread of the infection to people in China.
  • The genome grouping of the coronavirus secluded from pangolins was 99 percent indistinguishable with that isolated from contaminated people.

From Prelims Point of view:

Daily Current Affairs IAS | UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam – 10th February 2020

SRC: Click here


  • Pangolins are viewed as one of the most dealt creatures on the planet and are named a fundamentally jeopardized animal varieties
  • Individuals who sell pangolins can be detained for a time of 10 years or progressively poached each year due to their “restorative worth” and the utilization of their meat in nations, for example, China and Vietnam.
  • It is accepted that the novel coronavirus spread from the fish showcase in Wuhan, where live creatures are sold
  • The SARS coronavirus, which was recognized in 2003, is accepted to have spread from bats to civet felines to people.

Storm, named ‘Ciara’ 

Part of: GS Prelims –Polity and GS-II- Constitution

In news:

  • The tempest, named ‘Ciara’, alluded to as ‘Sabine’
  • Hit in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany.
  • The tempest has two names in light of the fact that there isn’t yet a skillet European framework set up for marking climate frameworks.

From Prelims Point of view:

How cyclones are named?

  • The custom began with sea tempests in the Atlantic Ocean, where hurricanes that arrive at supported breeze velocities of 39 miles for every hour were given names.
  • (Unexpectedly, sea tempests, hurricanes, typhoons are no different, simply various names for typhoons in various pieces of the world;
  • Sea tempest in the Atlantic, Typhoon in the Pacific and Cyclone in the Indian Ocean). On the off chance that the tempest’s breeze speed reaches or crosses 74 mph, it is then grouped into a tropical storm/twister/hurricane.
  • Typhoons are given names and they hold the name in the event that they form into a tornado/storm/hurricane.


Science & Technology

Topic: General Studies 23:

  • Science and innovation improvements and their applications and impacts in regular daily existence.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purifiers – Draft notification by Government

About Reverse Osmosis

  • Switch Osmosis is an innovation that is utilized to evacuate a vast lion’s share of contaminants from water by pushing the water under tension through a semi-porous layer.
Daily Current Affairs IAS | UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam – 10th February 2020
  • It works by utilizing a high-compel siphon to press the salt side of the RO and power the water over the semi-porous RO film, leaving around 95% to 99% of disintegrated salts behind in the reject stream.
  • The measure of weight required relies upon the salt centralization of the feed water. Higher the grouping of salt, higher is the weight required.
  • An RO layer rejects contaminants dependent on their size and charge
  • Turn around Osmosis is likewise used to deliver water that is reasonable for some modern applications that require demineralized or deionized water

Issues with RO System

  • Wastage: RO frameworks presently recuperate just 20 percent of water while 80 percent go squander
  • Can evacuate gainful mineral: The procedure can cut the degrees of calcium and magnesium, which are essential supplements.
  • Films get obstructed effectively which happens when materials develop on the layer and hinder the progression of water. In this way, it requires consistent substitution which increments operational expenses
  • Not 100% decontamination ability: BIS gauges obviously express that the RO framework isn’t prescribed for treatment of crude water having Arsenic level above 0.1 mg/l and Fluoride level above 8.0 mg/l.

May 2019 NGT order had stated that 

  • RO Purifiers ought to be disallowed where TDS (absolute broke up solids) – which spreads follow synthetic compounds, certain infections, microscopic organisms and salts – in water was under 500 milligrams for each litre (mg/l)
  • It had requested that the legislature upgrade the RO framework such that treated water would have at least 150 mg/l TDS fixation.
  • It additionally worried on remineralisation to make up for the loss of minerals during RO treatment
  • It requested that RO producers increment the productivity of frameworks to recoup 60% of water inputs

Draft notification by the Union Environment Ministry (MoEFCC)

  • The notice gave on February 3, 2020, makes reference to that utilization of layer-based water purging framework (MWPS), for the most part, RO purifiers, will be disallowed where drinking water consents to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • Implementation will to a great extent be the obligation of CPCB and State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs), accepting water supply offices to guarantee whether they give consumable savouring water a specific region according to the endorsed BIS standard.

Concerns with the notification

  • The notice doesn’t make reference as far as possible recommended in NGT request
  • The notice suggests these channels are possibly disallowed if the home gets water supply that adjusts to BIS gauges for Drinking Water. ‘
  • Albeit a few State and city water sheets guarantee BIS principles, the water at homes misses the mark concerning the test parameters.
  • The retreat to denial (to limit home channels) may cause purchaser dread


  • The case for limiting individuals’ decisions on the methods they utilize to guarantee consumable water is consequently frail in perspective on the above concern
  • Government’s essential point ought to be to convince specialists to redesign and supply BIS-standard water at the buyer’s end and it ought to be managed without extra expenses.

Do You Know?

  • The BIS standards are deliberate for open offices which supply channelled water however are required for filtered watermakers.
  • The Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) of NITI Aayog says that 70% of water supply is sullied.
  • India is positioned 120th among 122 nations in an NGO, WaterAid’s quality record.

Connecting the dots!

  • Nal Se Jal: Government’s strategic guarantee channelled drinking water to each rustic Household by 2024


Model questions: (You can now post your answers in the comment section)

Q 1. The power of the Supreme Court of India to decide disputes between the Centre and the States falls under its 

  1. advisory jurisdiction
  2. appellate jurisdiction
  3. original jurisdiction
  4. writ jurisdiction

Q 2. Which one of the following pairs of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively?

  1. Lithium and mercury
  2. Lithium and osmium
  3. Aluminium and osmium
  4. Aluminium and mercury

Q 3. Consider the following statements: 

  1. Toothless mammals such as Pangolins are not found in India.
  2. Gibbon is the only ape found in India.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only 
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2 
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Importance of Current Affairs in IAS Coaching

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