Unique Shiksha IAS Institute Review

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Unique Shiksha IAS Institute Review

According to WAC reviews, we found that Unique Shiksha IAS Institute is the best IAS coaching in Delhi in Teaching Methodology. We suggest to them more than some other because of the fact that they are not following the old strategies for teaching like most others and spotlight on the requests of the test and the requirements of the aspirants.

They have encountered workforce, incredible foundation, incorporated Prelims, and Mains testing, and an undeniable library with web get to. Unique Shiksha accepts that it’s most essential to give the best direction to the aspirants and improve their adventure with a customized investigation condition. They are characterizing another example of learning-dependent on close to home consideration and wanting to help vanquish the developing difficulties of the test. This makes Unique Shiksha IAS Institute probably the best in coaching in Delhi in Teaching Methodology as per us. Unique Shiksha has additionally been given as India’s best IAS Coaching Institute for back to back a long time since 2016 by Indian Education Awards and furthermore by other unmistakable media studies.

Cons of Unique Shiksha IAS Institute

  1. Unique Shiksha IAS Institute don’t have a regular faculty. All names mentioned in the starting of the batch will be changed during actual classes and some average teachers from DU will be provided at the time of classes.
  2. Unique Shiksha IAS Institute claims to have a full-year schedule however, the truth is the schedule is not even constant for even a week.
  3. The student’s strength is claimed to be less than 100 which is only true till introductory classes. Once most of the students pay their fees, they try to save money and merge two or three batches including weekends resulting In about 180 students in a single class. There were scenarios in our time that the students have to bring their own chairs and even left the class in between due to suffocation in the room filled with double the original capacity.
  4. The material provided is of very low quality and is mostly of no use. Unique Shiksha IAS Institute is no symmetry in the course. They will try to focus on finishing the course by hook or crook and take very little interest in the results
  5. All the claims of unique Sikhsha seem to take as they will never print any pic or name in the newspaper and only achievements you will find is the banner placed inside their Institute.
  6. The classes are irregular with a delay of about 30–40 minutes every day.
  7. The teachers try to complete the syllabus by hook or crook.
  8. The syllabus of ethics, environment, the essay is taken with no seriousness.
  9. No emphasis s given on newspaper and current affairs
  10. The promises of WiFi library and videos are not fulfilled as there are only 6–7 computers in an institute with 300 students people actually have to fight for even a place in the library rest using a computer.
  11. Unique Shiksha IAS Institute does not provide any video on the app still they are selling tabs
  12. The personal tutor are students who have cleared pre or mains but that is not a regular feature. It upon the wish of the personal tutor whether he will take a class or not and is not a regular feature

The institute is highly expensive as compared to its competition keeping in mind the low-quality education and material it provides and students have to fight for every single facility they claim to include in the fees.

Unique Shiksha IAS Institute Faculty Review

  • Vivek Kaushik – Originally he is for public administration and okay for that but teaches entire GS2 here. He is the worst faculty you will ever encounter in your life. His classes sucks. He has only crammed the slides before he teaches you. Not having interactive classes. Neither he is updated with current (not even a bit) nor he solves your doubt (funniest thing is he dictates your doubt in his language to the class). He has only tunnel vision and can’t answer you out of the box. For polity notes, he has only dictated M Laxmikant. Although his motivational lectures are good.
  • Dr. Vishal Mishra- He is a Ph.D. in Physics and teaches History here. Although his class notes are good but he demoralizes you with the Physics principles which he Incorporates in history when you ask any doubt. If you ask out of the box then he counters you by asking the questions from your educational background at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi.
  • Rohit Wazir- He is one of the best faculty in Unique Shiksha IAS Institute having great knowledge in a wider perspective and very interactive plus motivating. Very good teacher for Geography GS and okay for optional. Classes sometimes go funny. Only you have to do one thing in his class is to be mentally present and ask as much as questions. He really appreciates that. Also answers other subject’s questions and out of the box, quick-witted to your queries. Trend and Current oriented. Read NCERTs and watch Mrunal Videos before his scheduled classes.
  • Dr. Ravi P. Agrahari- He is a professor in IITD. Best faculty in the Institute teaching Environment and Science & Tech at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi. Very much oriented with current and follows UPSC Trend. Best interactive classes with motivation fun and teaches in hierarchy. Also gives questions for the entire GS3 including Economics at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi.
  • Zulfiqar Mohd. – Very good for Economics Current Affairs and Trend oriented but Guest Faculty. Very punctual, motivational at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi.
  • Praveen Dixit- Having a good knowledge in Economics but teaches as he is teaching an MBA class. He might Complete his syllabus after the exam at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi.
  • Shweta Singh- Teaching Social Issues and Justice for GS and Sociology Optional. Very good teacher with a wider perspective and great presence of mind. Dedicated to her work and may help you anytime.
  • Ethics – Taught by R. Mohan sir but he was also a Guest Faculty in Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi, brought after demand. Very good and punctual teacher.
  • Nagendra Pratap- Teachers CSAT in Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi, good teacher, and Motivates you. Follows Gandhi’s Talisman. Very good intellect but patronizes Vivek Kaushik for reasons unknown.
  • Suman Chandra Doesn’t teach anything at Unique Shiksha IAS Institute. For student’s back end support only. You may ask him Current Affairs. Very nice in person and eager to help students anytime. He supports you in framing the right approach towards securing a good rank in a holistic manner.

Student Review

Unique shiksha

I have joined Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi recently. What I preferred here most is the manner in which the workforce presents lectures and the app. With the application, I can endeavour any of the tests from any area even while travelling.
Well I am not mindful about the other two but rather yes one of my companion took coaching from VajiRam yet he likewise discover Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi’s condition all the more friendly.

Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi, the ambience is nice and some facilities they provide are helpful like library and video recording of lectures. You can watch missed classes although some times video quality may not be very good. (u r not there to watch a movie in HD anyways , purpose should be served).

They provide class schedule in advance which is a good thing but at times it is not followed at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi . so that’s a negative aspect. Infrastructure wise it is good though that should not be concern for any sincere aspirant.

The batch strength would be max 100 if they join 2 batches. So u may find time to ask questions from teachers after the class.

The teaching part at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi. Before I say anything about their teachers , I would like to mention that aspirants like us. Writing exam for first time may not be the right people to judge teachers who are in the field for 5-10-20 years. I also have strong believe in India’s traditional value system which has always taught us to respect teachers.

Indian are taught to give regard to teachers higher than God (I can recall that saying –Guro gobind dono khade , kako lagun payein). In fact I believe that a student who can not respect his teachers does not even deserve to be a civil servant at Unique Shiksha IAS Coaching Delhi

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