Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy Overview

SHANKAR IAS ACADEMY, perhaps the best organization in India training and tutoring a huge number of Civil Service applicants was established in 2004. The institute which was only a glimmer in the eye of Mr. Shankar.D in 2004, post alumni in farming (additionally a hopeful who qualified for a talk with twice), has advanced throughout the years to the degree of effectively helping 1000+ up-and-comers understand their fantasy about turning into an official and directing a huge number of others to understand their latent capacity. We invest wholeheartedly in having effectively added to the country building but, in a little way. 
All over India, individuals trying to become IAS, IPS, and other first-class administrative help officials and trying to calibrate their arrangement, herd to Shankar IAS Academy for Civil Services training. With branches in Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Trichy, Salem, Madurai, and Coimbatore, it is the Academy of decision for Civil Services applicants.

Details of Shankar IAS Academy

Detail Rating out of 10
Batch Strength 10
Faculty 6
Past Year Results 7
Infrastructure 9
Fees 3

Shankar IAS Academy As a Partner

Vision & Mission

To turn into a famous organization delivering prominent and mindful government workers for the general public. To give expectations and occasion to hopefuls from different financial foundations to understand their fantasy about turning out to be government workers. 
To give careful and centered preparation to the applicants to prevail in the Civil Services assessment. To establish a climate where the understudies approach everything necessary to get ready for the common administration’s assessment successfully, effectively, and excitedly by guaranteeing them with incredible instructing and best investigation materials.

Shankar IAS Achievers

Shankar IAS Achievers

Shankar IAS Achievements


Candidates selected for IAS, IPS, IFS and other elite services from Shankar IAS Academy.


Out of 759, 17% Selections in UPSC CSE 2018.


Out of 89, 38% Selections in Indian Forest Service 2018.


Candidates selected for Group I, II and IV services from Shankar IAS Academy


Selections out of 181 vacancies in TNPSC Group I Results 2019


Selections out of 1338 vacancies in TNPSC Group 2(OT) Results 2019

Shankar IAS Achievements


Candidates selected for IAS, IPS, IFS and other elite services from our institute.


Out of 759, 17% Selections in UPSC CSE 2018.


Out of 89, 38% Selections in Indian Forest Service 2018.


Candidates selected for Group I, II and IV services from our institute.


Selections out of 181 vacancies in TNPSC Group I Results 2019


Selections out of 1338 vacancies in TNPSC Group 2(OT) Results 2019

Why Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy Top Notch Results

1000+ of our understudies chose for IAS, IPS and other administrations.

Shankar IAS Academy Student-Achiever Interaction

Ordinary communication with 130+ of our fruitful and serving IAS, IPS, IFS officials.

Shankar IAS Academy Extensive Test Series

Obligatory tests ‐ Prelims (25 offline, 30 online), Mains (10 offline) with UPSC like assessment boundaries.

Shankar IAS Academy FREE Interview Guidance

Broad training for character evaluation tests and counterfeit meetings by master specialists.

Shankar IAS Academy Online Classes

Just an online course in the nation that offers live two-way correspondence.

Shankar IAS Academy Exhaustive Coaching

In excess of 200 classes of 150 minutes each on Prelims and Mains prospectus.

What People Say About Shankar IAS Academy


Hi all

It s very pathetic to experience the lowering quality in SIA… I m currently studying in Shankar..

After the death of Shankar sir the quality of classes declined… they are trying to dump the syllabus in a single day… we are not getting schedule of the classes properly…

The syllabus not completed according to the test schedule…more over they are listening to our feedback…. They are not focusing on the mains part for pcm students…. For geography optional we left with no options….

Finally I would like to suggest one thing… shankar academy once was once good but now it lost its name…

Bharath .R

I’m a student of Shankar academy… after the demise of Shankar the quality of the institute Is eroded.. they are sustaining by their marketing strategies….. even now they claiming 126 as their selection In the final results…

But I am unable to take proud on the same. Because we know the quality of teaching… till now syllabus not yet completed. Tat 126 results is bullshit… most of them never stepped into our institute….. the high level marketing of Shankar completely covered up their lacunae…

Beware of marketing… dont trap on false propaganda… they want to enroll 1000s of students for the present batch… they never worry about anything… so guys instead of studying in Shankar better leave the dream of Civil service…

Deepak Seshadri

My advice to you is, please DON’T!

Shankar IAS academy was once a coaching academy of good repute but that was way back in 2015.

Since 2016, when Mr.Shankar, a former aspirant and the founder of Shankar IAS Academy moved his office to a brand new building in an upscale locality, so did his commitment towards teaching those who wish to secure the coveted services.

I was a student of Shankar IAS academy way back in 2017-18

The reason why I won’t advice you to join Shankar IAS academy (or any other academy for that matter, but since Shankar IAS academy is the topic of this discussion) is because of the following

Substandard teaching staff: You have stepped inside the classroom for the first time and for your first class. Being a serious aspirant, I witnessed that my first ever class came as a rude shock.


When I set foot in Anna Nagar couple of years back to start my civil service preparation, I met a person, in around late 20s and early 30, in a tea shop. With my friend nearby we initiated the idea of joining the classes, and we asked him “ Should we join a coaching class for UPSC preparation?” The man replies “Not necessary and if you wish, any institute would do good” and he left the shop with a smile. It was only later then, I was remined by my friend that it was Shankar sir, to whom I asked the question… Poker face.

We joined Shankar Academy. Fast forward today, We both are in Service, and that should sum up the question. Apart from the academics, which they don’t compromise even in small aspect, their dedication and genuineness(From Day 1 till today) adores me. You could gauge their dedication by the fact that they gave only holidays for 5 occasion in my one year preparation. They have been through all me Downs, so we are now happy to be with them in our Ups.

Coming to IFS- Indian Forest Service in particular, I think, when No other institute even bother to guide people for IFS during Mains stage, they had a optional course by Mr Karthikeyan sir, (Yes the person behind Shankar Environment book), to guide us through the exam.

Yes, I cant give a good or bad answer, but you wont be disappointed here.

Prasanth E

Best place for online coaching. I’m doing online coaching in this academy. faculties are very expert. special mention to SHANKAR Sir for geography always explain through models, videos etc,. For polity I surely tell PIRAISOODAN Sir was the best. no one can explain polity in that easy way. for sociology optional those who are seeking to join anywhere don’t waste time, join here Rajitha madam was expertised in making students to write what upsc wants and also to push score to 270+. simply, SIA is.
Simply come, Invest your time, Achieve and go.

Athithyan Namasivayam

Worst form of administration…. They never rectify our queries… Telecallers never respond properly…. Is this proper administration?
Hate it

Chola Raja

The place where I found myself and all the teachers are friendly and helpful. No hesitation in clearing the doubts. If anyone willing to take the sociology as an optional everyone can blindly believe in RAJITHA mam who can do anything for her students.

Varshini Sabari

Faculty has more knowledge in their subject, Shankar sir no need to say about him he is extraordinary in geography , Coming to Polity Piraisoodan sir is at peak no one can teach Polity better then Him , Saravanamoorthy sir for History he will teach like he had lived in those days master mind, karthi keyan sir very good in environment , for optional if anyone decide to take Public administration as optional no need to worry Arun sir good enough he will make u good in writing for mains simply Best academy to crack upsc .

Padmanabhan KB

Admission Procedure

To give snappy and simple enlistment methodology to all the understudies who want to concentrate from this regarded IAS instructing Center In Delhi, Shankar IAS Academy takes confirmations through the online mode which backs out the strain and mayhem of the understudies. For more details click here

Shankar IAS Faculty

(Optional & General Studies)

International Organisation (General Studies)

(General Studies)

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude (General Studies)

(General Studies)

General Economics
(General Studies)

(Optional and General Studies)

(Optional and General Studies)

Frequently Asked Question

Civil Services are the most elevated situations in India like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and so on straightforwardly connected with public service and are broadly viewed as renowned in India. Association Public Service Commission conducts Civil Service Exams in India.

The civil worker compensation composites of various Pay Scales: Junior Scale, Senior Scales, Super Time Scale, etc. Every one of the compensation runs further comprises of different compensation groups. Snap to find out about the compensation of an IAS official. 
The seventh Pay Commission proposition is acknowledged by Cabinet. Presently the essential compensation of passage level civil worker is Rs. 56100. Stipends like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Travel Allowance (TA) are prohibited from the compensation. The compensation increments as experience increments. The essential compensation of the Cabinet Secretary is set to be Rs.2,50,000. 
All out Salary = Basic Pay + DA + HRA + TA 
House Rent Allowance (HRA) would be 8-24% of Primary Salary. On the off chance that you get an official convenience, at that point, HRA won’t be credited to your compensation. 
Dearness Allowance (DA) would begin from 0% according to the seventh compensation commission’s proposal. This part is connected to inflation.  DA is refreshed on a half-yearly premise (January and July consistently) contingent upon the swelling. 
Civil workers will likewise be given Travel Allowance (TA) to meet a few costs related to travel.
  • Experience the prospectus 
  • Study paper routinely 
  • Begin considering NCERT course readings (6th to 12th class) 
  • Set up your own notes 
  • Peruse, reexamine and practice

Number of attempts: General Category- FOUR (6) OBC- SEVEN (9) SC/ST- No restriction

Indeed. Up-and-comers who have passed a four-year certification from the UGC perceived University is qualified to compose the test. The base instructive capability recommended for the test is a four-year certification.

No, competitors having a place with networks that are remembered for the Central rundown of OBC’s are qualified.

No. An endeavor is determined just if a wannabe has showed up in at any rate one paper of the Prelim test.

To pick up relentlessness in assessment, where more than one Examiner is included, the UPSC coordinates a gathering of the Head Examiner and the Additional Examiners. In the gathering, the inquiry paper and the proper answers are totally talked about and the norm of assessment is acknowledged upon. After the assessment, the Head Examiner passes on an example type of the appropriate response books of each Supplementary Examiner to check whether the uniform guidelines of assessment is really have been created. On the off chance that the Examiner has effectively kept the standard decided upon in the social affair the Head Examiner at that point affirms the honors with no change. Else he may complete upward/descending balance as esteemed imperative to guarantee the greatest conceivable level of consistency in the assessment cycle. In such a manner, the between inspector dissimilarity in the norms of assessment is dealt with enough.

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