After 12th Can We Join IAS Coaching Delhi?

After 12th Can We Join IAS Coaching Delhi_


Having a clear goal is the secret to success, and, therefore, if you are an IAS aspirant looking to join the IAS coaching center in Delhi after your 12th grade, you can always join IAS coaching after completing your high school. However, individuals without a graduation degree from a recognized institute are not eligible for an IAS exam. But one can join a coaching centre for a foundation course to prepare for the impending IAS exam. Delhi is a hub for IAS aspirants and, opting for the coaching as early as after the 12th will aid you in your goal of becoming an IAS officer.

After the 12th Can We Join IAS Coaching Delhi?

Yes, one can join an IAS coaching centre in Delhi after the 12th for the foundation course. There are several reputed and distinguish coaching institutes that offer guidance to IAS aspirants after high school at reasonable rates in Delhi. However, one has to understand that the IAS exam is a tough nut to crack as every year thousands of IAS aspirants appear for the IAS exam, but only a few make the final chosen candidates. Therefore, individuals who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an IAS officer after 12th grade should keep the following pointers in mind before venturing into this field.

Things to do Before Joining IAS Coaching in Delhi After High School


You must gather all the essential information about the civic service exam as you can to better prepare for the impending examination. Converse with the successful candidates if possible or go through the life story of IAS toppers to get a clear understanding of what the exam entails you to do. If you are ready for hard work and perseverance, only then join the course.

Choose Subject Wisely

When opting for IAS Exam after the 12th, make sure that you choose your graduation subject per the IAS syllabus. It will help you get in-depth knowledge of the IAS syllabus, and ease the learning process too. Subjects like history, polity, etc, are of prime importance and help clear the IAS exam. Do not forget about the optional subject as it is an essential part of clearing the exam, and make sure to brush up on main subjects like maths, economics, etc, to help you clear your UPSC exam. 

Understand UPSC Exam Pattern And Plan Your Study Accordingly

Since the UPSC exam is difficult to crack on the first attempt and not for faint-hearted, it is advisable to understand the exam pattern before venturing into the field. If you are still interested, formulated a study plan and put it into action to help you cover the IAS syllabus within your desired timeframe. By joining the course immediately after the 12th, you have more time to prepare and increases your chances of success.

Inculcate Reading Routine

Current affairs rule the IAS exams, hence, you should develop reading habits to ace the exam. Make sure to read the different newspapers if possible in various languages like Hindi, English, etc, and stay abreast of the current scenario of the nation and worldwide. You can also make use of the college library to read and research the relevant topics.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Communication skills will come to your aid during the IAS exam interview round. Having clear communication and good interpersonal skills will help you stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of becoming an IAS officer. A good personality will aid you to wow the judges and take notice of you among other competitors.

Develop Time Management Skill

Time management skills are essential tools that will help you clear your UPSC exam. Practice as many previous year IAS question papers to help you with time management.

Improve Writing Skills

writing skills

In IAS main exam, the paper is subjective, and hence, one has to be prepared to write long answers. However, there is a word limit in which you have to answer the question along with a time limit that is very difficult to achieve if you do not possess good writing skills. There is also a penalty in case the answer is not under the word limit. Therefore you must develop and improve your writing skill in a variety of different topics to help you achieve your goal of becoming a civil servant.

Take Part In Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities such as debates, sports, etc, help individuals to develop skills like teamwork, confidence, communication skills, etc. The judging panel in the UPSC exam is looking for IAS candidates that are not only academically inclined but also have a well-rounded personality. Make sure to participate in different activities of your interest in your college to help you develop a variety of skills that will later benefit you in the interview round.

The above – discussed point will be helpful through your journey of preparing for the IAS exam after 12th grade. Many IAS coaching centers in Delhi provide daily and weekend classes for foundation courses for students with high school qualifications. Several coveted IAS institutes with foundation courses offer quality services with the best infrastructure and experienced faculty to provide proper guidance to IAS aspirants at affordable rates to help fulfil their dream of becoming a civil officer.

Before opting for any IAS institute in Delhi for a foundation course, make sure to conduct thorough research online. Make sure to visit their website and browse through their customer testimonials to get a better understanding of their quality services and facilities on offer. Delhi is very expensive in terms of living, and, before shifting to this location, prepare a list of expenses that you might incur to pursue the IAS exam after high- school. Choose an IAS coaching that best suits your needs in terms of quality and your budget. You can also take the help of friends and family to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect coaching centre in Delhi. Some IAS institute also offers a scholarship for their students, you can visit their website to gather more information about the scholarship.