Which IAS Coaching Center In Hyderabad Provides Hostel Facilities For Girls?

Hostels for Girls
Hostels for girls in Hyderabad

The hostel facility is a Big Problem for girls to study in another state because most of the institute does not provide girls hostel facilities. In Hyderabad, there are only a few institutes who provide hostel facilities for girls and one of them is the Narayana Institute of Civil Services.

Hostel Facilities

NICS provides excellent modern hostel facilities for students. Boys and girls hostels are located separately. Hostel facilities are of high quality and well furnished. Some members of the teaching staff are appointed as Resident Tutors in the hostel. The mess is spacious, highly hygienic and elegant. Internet and Computer Facilities are also available in both girls & boys hostel. Students are given single, double & triple bedded rooms and each student is provided with a cot, a table, a chair in their respective rooms. Each hostel unit has a reading room where newspapers, periodicals, and popular magazines and a television room.

Other Facilities

Hostel Facilities

Every student needs some other hostel facilities also for girls & boys. NICS is a lavish green wooded grounds with a zone spread more than 9 sections of land. The grounds are furnished with the best in class offices like talk theaters, assembly room, completely prepared science research centers, library square, games and exercise center.

Famous Resource Persons

NICS plays a significant role in guaranteeing quality education through interactive education. The Staff brings its broad information of expert experience and motivate training to their assignment at NICS. The faculties have a remarkable scholarly background and sound good knowledge in their subjects. 

Library Offices

The campus has a big library with various varieties of books. Students can get to the best choice of contemporary books and diaries which supplement the recommended reference books and course readings. The library is increased with books, diaries, magazines, and different distributions all the time. the library is must needed hostel facilities for both boys & girls.

Visiting Specialists

NICS has affiliation and course of action with different specialists who might convey extraordinary guest lectures to and one-on-one associations with students. 

Video Conferencing Office

NICS has Video conferencing office moreover. It helps the understudies in getting to and reaching with the prominent personnel. This office helps in quick dispersal of learning and sharing of data. 

Fitness Centre

Hostel facilities for girls and boys also include an ultra-present day multi gym is built up with complete facilities for physical wellness. The sessions of Yoga, Meditation, and Motivation help the students to create a competitive spirit without stress. 

Sports and Games 

Sports, games (indoor/open-air) facilities are given to create flawless personality body coordination. Indoor games like carrom sheets, chess sheets, Shuttle Badminton, table tennis, and so on., and open-air games like BasketBall, Cricket, Volleyball, and so on, are given in the grounds according to the necessity. Every Student needs to have some fun activities, so it’s great that the hostel provides sports and games facilities for girls & boys.

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